TM Bharath Khatri – All the best to you!!

One day I saw my colleague Mr Ajay Moolya, the former Relationship Manager and Vice President NBAD, entering Foodlands Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. While I made a courtesy call to him, he told me that he attended a club meeting there. He invited me as a guest for the next meeting.  He told me that I will definitely like it. That much only…. without giving any further details.

I accepted his invitation and attended the next meeting. While I entered the meeting hall, I noticed a huge positive vibe there.  All are happy chit chatting, laughing, enjoying, supporting and helping each other regardless of colour, creed, religion, hierarchy etc. A rare experience in these days! Yes it was Inner Universe Toastmasters Club, a non profit organisation created to develop our communication and leadership skills. Now I knew why my friend Ajay did not say much about it. Yes it has to be experienced than told!  I volunteered to become a member of that family.

All attendees there were Gems. I found a Precious stone among them.  It was TM Bharat Khatri. I got attracted to his personality from the day one itself. I found a role model in him. A best leader, speaker, best evaluator, best mentor, what more, a best human being.

TM Bharat nominated me for the role of St at Arms in Excom even though I was novel to the club who attended just two meetings only. I gladly accepted it since I got an opportunity to work closely with him.  Thereafter he assigned me several positions in Executive Committee such as Club Secretary, Vice President – Public Relations, Vice President Education etc. He directs and I obey without any objection, that was the chemistry between us.

He always took extreme care to follow TMI guidelines what ever role he performs and ensured that all others are following it strictly  . He was a real encyclopaedia of Toastmasters. Even though he occupied several posts such as President, Area Director etc. and represented Club and grabbed several prices at various levels such as in Area Contest, Division Contest etc. he was always a humble man. He was always ready to support the needy and give guidances at any time.

I got opportunity to know more about TM Bharat as a human being while we attended Art of Living course, Happiness course and Yoga Classes together. A man who strives for perfection in everything he does, even in Yoga postures! A man who finds time for everything! Does exercise daily, walks, does yoga, finds time for spiritual learning, developing soft skills and have unbiased view about politics. I knew his deep knowledge in protocol while there was a debate about how, when and who should salute National Flag during National Day program.

A real human being imbibed with several qualities and skills. That is TM Bharat Khatri. I am occupying the position of Club President now mainly because of him.

While Khatri goes back to India for good he creates a big vacuum to those who are near and dear to him here in UAE. I am sure that he will flare where ever he goes and what ever assignments he undertakes.

Wishing him all the best in his future assignments.

Rasheed Aboobacker

About the Author

Rasheed Aboobacker is a Banker turned Businessman hailing from Gods own country – Kerala in India, holding MBA in Finance and Marketing. After serving NBAD in various positions for 20years, started his own business. He serving as President of IUTM club .