Minutes of the 336th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club: Theme “Passion” by TM Namrata Pandey

Date of the meeting: September 15, 2019       

Minutes by TM Preetha Narayan

The 336th meeting of the IUTM in 2019-2020, wonderfully steered by the passionate TM Namrata Pandey. It was opened by The President TM Abidul Islam at 7:40 pm. Meeting began with TM Nancy’s call to order. President Abidul Islam introduced TME Namrata Pandey. TM Namrata Pandey introduced all the role players followed by the presentation of the Thought of the evening by TM Darpan Tripathy. “Passion is the driving force which lead us forward in our life” Passion and action can turn our dreams into reality. So those who have passion towards their action can make it fruitful and successful. Word for the day ‘Immaculate’ was introduced by Word Master TM Vivek Surange.

TM Namrata Pandey brought an Innovative session, ‘The Sun Shine moment’ exemplified by TM Yashashree, She illustrated the most lovable moment in her life which took us to Pokhara, the snow covered mountain base of Nepal.

Moreover, TM Namrata recited a poem “On Reason and Passion” written by Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931) made the meeting more rich and thought provoking. Senior Toast masters TM Anil and TM Mohammad Basheer’s presence added extra energy for the meeting.

TM Preetha gave her Pathways Ice breaker Speech. By restating the words of TM Asif, TM Preetha has delivered a dazzling speech. She explained about her passion towards the family life. Her speech was evaluated by TM Jayakrishnan, TM Mohammad Asif gave his level 4 P1 on Social media a boon or bane. He was able to throw light to the importance of Strategies to manage the social media wisely. His speech was evaluated by TM Yashashree. TM Raj Sekhar did his Advanced Speech as the Address to the employers by the CEO of an Oil company in UAE. TM Abidul Islam evaluated the speech by appreciating the customized messages for the successful working of the company.

Flamboyant TM Harsha came up with apropos table topics. TM Rajith got the topic to speak about the things which stops an individual to move forward with passion. TM Anil, TM Sruti, Guest of the day Ravi Varma, TM Ramakrishnan and TM Minal whole heartedly participated in the table topics session.

The role players TM Jayakrishnan as the grammarian and TM Sudhir Pillai as a quiz master tested the perceptions of the audience and TM Ramakrishnan helped to assess the time.

The general evaluation was done by TM Mohammad Basheer. He appreciated each and every roll players for showing righteousness to their duty, at the same time added one suggestion for each role player -Sergeant at arms and for the President of the club – to make their role noteworthy. He concluded the evaluation by admiring TM Namrata for conducting a flawless meeting with passion and commitment and the President of the club TM Abidul Islam for raising the status of the club to a higher level. TM Namrata appreciated the cooperation and initiative of the fellow toastmasters. She added spices to the meeting by inserting thought provoking stories. The guest Ravi Verma also appreciated the club as he got a chance to disclose his feedback. .

Presidential speech by TM Abidul Islam pointed out the strengths and frailties of conducting a meeting. He extended the happiness to see the progress in the strength of the participants, commitment of the whole team. He wished to have the same enthusiasm, quality, creativity and punctuality to be maintained throughout the year. The meeting was declared closed by 9.35 pm.  The dinner was served at 9:40 pm.

Best Speaker: TM Preetha

Best Evaluator: TM Abidul Islam

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Ramakrishnan

No of attendees: 24    No of guests: 2

Next Meeting: 29.09.19                          

Congratulations to the winners and all the role players!!