Minutes of the Meeting NO. 383- Reach Out

: 4 July, 2021

Time: 7.30 pm

Presiding officer: TM Asif

Venue: Virtual Zoom Meeting

Minutes prepared by: TM Deepti Tak

VPPR: TM Nancy Roji

Theme of the day: “Reach out”

TMOD: TM Namrata Pandey

Word of the day: Elicit

In Attendance

Number of attendees: 16

Namrata Pandey
Shruti Shetty
Rajsekhar Challa
M A Saiyed
Pratibha Tiwari
Chunav Dutta
ElRoy Vaz
Alok Mishra
Sabnam Saiyed
Chunav Dutta
Judith Serrao
Mario Joseph
Prasad Bartakke
Nancy Roji
Deepti Tak


TM Nancy Roji welcomed all and invited President, TM Asif to the virtual podium. He said that Toastmasters Club is the right place to reach out. It is a safe environment with mentors and other members ready to help.

He introduced Toastmaster of the evening, TM Namrata Pandey. 

TME Namrata Pandey explained the theme “Reach out”. If you don’t ask for help, you will not get it.  She emphasized that we should unlearn the habit and thought that we should be able to do everything and not ask for help.

TM Prasad Bartake gave thought of the evening. “Make your life colorful, make rainbow for others.”

TME emphasized that need to ask for help is not a weakness.  She introduced role players. TM Shabnam as Grammarian, TM Maria Joseph as Quizmaster, TM Chunav Dutta as word master. TM Chunav Dutta introduced the word of the day : Elicit

Prepared Speeches
TM Elroy Vaz gave his Level 1 Project 3 Speech  on “Impact of technology in SBI – Chennai.

TM Asif gave his Level 5 Project 2 Speech on “ Career Development”

Evaluation Session:

TM Alok Mishra evaluated TM Elroy Vaz’s speech. Rajsekhar, DTM evaluated TM Asif’s speech.

Table Topics Session
Table Topics® is a long-standing Toastmasters tradition intended to help members develop their ability to organize their thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question or topic.

This session was conducted brilliantly by Rajsekhar Challa, DTM. Participants of table topics TM Chunav. TM Shabnam, TM Maria, TM Nancy.
General Evaluation: It was given by Ms Judith Serrao.

  • Appreciated Toastmaster of the evening Namrata Pandey for her grace and leadership.  Appreciated President and all the role players for their effort in the meeting.
  • Evaluator should give proper recommendation to the speaker to follow the points in the future.
  • Applauses can be heard or in virtual reactions
  • Follow the time strictly
  • In agenda -give elaborated name of the project instead of writing short form L1P2, it should be Level 1 Project 2


Best Speaker: TM Elroy

Best Evaluator: DTM Rajsekhar Challa

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Nancy