Meeting 279, Happiness


  1.  We witnessed a wonderful happiness meeting led by TM.Rasheed where Greet Master TM Jayakrishnan greeted everyone before start of the meeting.
  2.  Meeting started at 7:30pm. As we had few attendees some of the toastmasters like TM Abidul, TM Harsha,TM Sajeev happily wore 2-3 hats.
  3.  President Shameema opened the 279 meeting and she recalled her journey at Toastmaster from first day to President.President announced that our Inner Universe Club received 10 DCP points, 10 awards and 21 new members last year and passed the meeting baton to Toastmaster of the day TM Rasheed.
  4.  As a cheerful person TM Rasheed had many examples for a person to be happy and he made everyone to answer “what makes them happy?”
  5. Thought of the Evening TM Shruthi spoke about how happiness depends on us, quality of our thoughts and gave an example how helping others leads to happiness.
  6.  Word Master TM Sajeev introduced word EBULLIENT meaning Cheerful.
  7. Projects
    1. TM Prachi gave her Project 3 on “Start worrying and Start living”.A well structured and amazingly delivered speech included day to day simple examples where every audience could connect and speech was evaluated by TM Ranjit.
    2. TM Mohamed Asif spoke about “Stress Management” he gave his own life incident and gave good examples on how to manage stress, evaluated by TM Shajahan.
    3. TM Namratha after completing CC started Advanced Project1 happily with “Tears!” explained how tears are formed, how crying sometimes is also beneficial, evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.
  8. Table Topic session was conducted by TM Haneef Puttur with happiness topics. TM Sajeev, TM Harsha, TM Jayakrishnan, guest Seema took part in Table Topics. TM Harsha mentioned her best teacher till now is her “Own Experience” and won Best Table Topic Award.
  9. Ah Counter,Timer,Quiz master,Grammarian gave the reports.
  10. Oath Taking Ceremony was conducted by TM Shajahan.He welcomed New EXCOMS where they pledge to do their duty sincerely
  11. General Evaluation by TM Abidul Islam he cheered everyone for taking part in different roles.
  12. President Shameema informed our Club now comes in Area no. 42, Division H, District 105 and wished good luck for the New EXCOMS and closed the meeting which was followed by dinner.


Best Speaker : TM Prachi
Best Evaluator: TM Abidul and TM Shajahan
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Harsha

Congratulations to winners and all role players.

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