Meeting No.352 – Music

Minutes of the 352th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

‘Music’  theme by TM Preetha Narayan

Minutes by TM Pratibha Tiwari

April 26th, 2020

It was the fourth virtual  meeting of IUTM was lucidly steered by eversmiling TM Preetha Narayan. ‘Lucid’ was the word of the day introduced by TM Nancy Roji. The meeting was declared open by President TM Abidul Islam at 8:05 PM. He  expressed his immense pleasure on getting connected through virtual platform. The thought of the day ‘Music evokes positive emotion. COVID 19 brought back music in our life’ was given by TM Namrata Pandey by explaining importance and terminology of music. All role players kept staying on the ball while performing their roles  and parellely they had been  musical at the spot.

TME started the meeting with the quote ‘Music is the rhythm of nature.’

Prepared speeches were delivered by TM Shruthi, TM Deepak Soni, TM Vivek Surange, TM Senthil Kumar.

TM Shruthi gave her L1 Icebreaker Speech. She told about her life journey from a child to a Mom. Her speech was evaluated by TM Siva Krishna.

TM Deepak Soni gave his L1-P3 Speech on ‘Self-Care’. He spoke about different type of self-care techniques and explained  how these can be beneficial for us. His speech was evaluated by TM Alok Mishra.

TM Vivek Surange gave his L1-P3 Speech on ‘Excecise’. His lucid explanation on the topic gave a clear insighting  into the area of self fitness. His speech was evaluated by TM Abidul.

TM Senthil Kumar gave his HPL Project. He spoke about the successful conduction of online area contest along with team.  His speech was evaluated by DTM RajShekhar.

Table Topic Master TM Yashashashree came up with musical topics. TM Murari, TM Pratibha and TM Shameema participated.

The general evaluation was done by TM Ranjit. His positive evaluation cheered everyone. He suggested that evaluation form should be sent in advance to evaluators. Scripts of the role players should be followed for smooth functioning of the meeting.

During the meeting,  TME conducted ‘Antakshari’ game which enticed everyone.

Digital Certificates were introduced first time. Cheers to all winners.

The meeting was declared closed by the President at 10:25 pm. He congratulated all for conducting a  well composed meeting. He urged everyone to come forward with new ideas for improvements  and requested to pay the fee too.

Best Speaker: TM Shruthi

Best Evaluator: TM Siva Krishan

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Shameema

No of attendees: 20 (including 2 guests)

Next Meeting: 10.05.2020

Ramadan Kareem.

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.