Meeting No.347 – Humorous Journey

Minutes of the 347th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

‘Humourous Journey’  theme by TM Shruthi

Minutes by TM Pratibha Tiwari

Feb 16th 2020

It had been an amazing meeting which was the cocktail of humor and motivation. Hats off to TME Shruthi Shetty who made it a stress buster time by her humorous activities. The meeting was declared open by President TM Abidul Islam at 7:40 pm. He encouraged TMs to join DTAC 2020. Word ‘waggish’ was introduced by TM Preetha. The thought of the day ‘Laughter is an instance vacation and it has lots of benefit’ was given by TM Rasesh.

TME started the meeting with humourous activity  ‘tossing a ball and laugh’ and this made every one laughing. Afterwards, prepared speeches were delivered.

TM Vivek gave his L1-P1 Speech on ‘Attitude is foundation to success’. He spoke about how right attitude can help someone to achieve and retain success in life. His speech was evaluated by TM Pratibha Tiwari.

TM Anita gave her L2 – P1 Speech on ‘Mastering Communication’. She shared about her learnings from her father who is master communicator . Her speech was evaluated by TM Snehal.

TM Asif gave his L5 Speech on ‘Sum up your path’. He spoke about his public speaking journey path. His speech was evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.

TM Basheer gave his Advance speech on ‘Communicate Changes by Management Manual’. He spoke about how a motivational communication by a CEO can result into ease for employees during tough time. His speech was evaluated by TM Namrata.

TM Rajshekhar gave his 37th Advance speech on ‘Motivation’. ‘Every success story has a pain.  Every pain has good results.’ this message was conveyed from his speech.

The general evaluation was done by TM Kumarappan. He congratulated TME Shruthi for her excellent performance as TME. He appreaciated all role players too. He emphasized to put more efforts to make our club no 1.

Afterwards President made an announcement of 350th meeting as ‘Family Day’ on 29th March and declared meeting closed. Dinner was served at 9:45 pm.

Best Speaker: TM Asif

Best Evaluator: TM Abidul Islam

No of attendees: 21(including 4 Guest)

Next Meeting: 01.02.2020

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.