Top Ten Job Interview Questions

In this competitive world getting a job is not easy. Too many job seekers applying for job vacancy where an interview call also seems to be a blessing. So, it’s important to prepare yourself for the job interview. There are some common and popular interview questions which are certainly asked. Once you are prepared well you will naturally feel better and confident during the interview. To help you prepare better here are those questions with some tips to answer them.

Q1. Tell me about yourself?

This is an icebreaker between a candidate and interviewer. It gives a glimpse to the interviewer how well you are prepared for interview. Just brief about yourself i.e. your background/family, education, hobbies, personal interests.

Q2. Tell about a challenging situation and what you did to overcome it?

This is bit tricky question to know whether you are able handle difficult situation. So, share an example/experience at your work place where in your decision made everything go correct and smooth.

Q3. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

This question is basically asked to know about your growth path and how well you have planned it. You can include future growth assignments with the organization, getting learning opportunities, enhancement of skills.

Q4. What are your weakness?

You must be careful while answering this question as this may put you in trouble. you can answer it smartly by minimizing your weakness and converting them into strength. Do not get into personal qualities tell about professional traits e.g. I am improving on my communication skills for that I have joined or taking online lessons.

Q5. Why do you want to leave your present job?

You can tell that you are looking for better opportunities and to enhance my skills.

Q6.  Why should we hire you?

Be prepared to answer why? This question can be answered by giving brief facts about your working skills, practice, knowledge etc and how you can benefit to the company.

Q7. What are your expectations from this job?

This is an opportunity to tell what you know about the profile and company. Self-development, better prospects.

Q8. What is your greatest accomplishment?

This question is similar to what is your strengths.? You may have many accomplishments but speak any one of them which has most impact, which shows the qualities you have related to the post you are interviewing.  Talk about company values which exhibits you are perfect fit for the position.

Q9. What is your salary expectations?

It would be an additional advantage if you know the salary/range prior. If not, then it’s better to do market survey and check what a person would get for same level and years of experience. You can also ask what the company is offering for this position.

Q10. Do you have any questions for us?

This is the right time to clear your doubts never say No as it gives negative impact on the interviewer. Asking question shows the confidence and interest shown the organization.

The most important to think to remember is know the needs of the company. These are some guidelines to prepare for the interview. Prepare yourself for tough or unexpected questions so that the mental fear will lessen. “The road to success comes through hard work & determination”.

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 TM Harsha Wagh