332 – Child’s Play

Minutes of the 332th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Child’s Play theme by TM Shruthi Shetty
Minutes by TM JayaKrishnan
July 21th 2019

The meeting was called to Order by Stand in sergeant at arms TM Syamlal. Club president TM Abidul Islam opened the meeting reminding all toastmasters that they are a part of a big network. This club is coming under Area 55, Division H, District 105 and Region 11. The president urged everyone to start with the pathways if they haven’t yet done so.

TM Shruthi was the TME and she came up with a very interesting team “Child’s play”. A small activity in the beginning left everyone refreshed. Everyone was asked to clap, move hands rhythmically chanting “dum dum dah dah..” just like how children do!

The thought of the day was delivered by TM Kumarappan. He recited a meaning ful poem of Bharatiyar- Poel, scholar and freedom fighter who could speak upto 19 languages.

All role player explained their roles and shared their childhood memories. Greet master- TM Murtaza, Timer- TM Syamlal, Ah Counter- TM Vivek, Grammarian-TM Alok, Quiz master- TM Aslam, Word Master- TM Murtaza and General Evaluator- TM Yashashree

Word of the evening was “Innocuous” meaning  harmless.

TM Yashshree shared how successful she was while she impersonated Past Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during a fancy dress competition of her school days.

One guest attended the session. He was Mr Younis working with SKMC. He was introduced by TM Mohammed Aslam.

There were four prepared speeches first speech was Project no 9 by TM Minal Joshi. The speech title was Make a right choice. She spoke about the need to watch what we eat and inspired everyone to eat healthy.

TM Rajan Tawade completed Pathways speech L2 P1 with his speech titled “Help Unknown, Unknown will help you”. He spoke of the importance of helping others by some acts of kindness and how it will come back to you in various other ways.

Through his speech titled “Have you defined your niche” TM Mohammed Asif encouraged everyone to assess what they want in life and take wise decisions. He completed his Pathways speech L3 P1.

An advance Project was completed by TM Rajsekhar, project number 33. He spoke as CEO of Futura Airlines addressing the company employees and explaining how the airlines intend to preserve the nature and earth for the future generations.

Another simple game was initiated by TME called Name Impulse. Every TMs had to say their names and the time taken was monitored when the same was done in clockwise and anticlockwise pattern.

The speeches were evaluated by Toast masters- Jayakrishnan, Mohammed Aslam, Abid and Shammema respectively

All the speakers and evaluators shared their Childhood memories. TM Abid shared a memory of 1983 when India won the cricket world cup and how he enjoyed the moment as a child.

The most interesting game of the evening was conducted then. It was to guess the childhood photos of various Toastmasters. Everyone enjoyed the same thoroughly.

Table topics session was conducted by TM Shajahan. He provided some tips for those who are afraid of the session. Those were- don’t think too much about delivering a perfect speech, it is just a 1 minute speech and one will take almost 30 seconds greeting the audience. All the topics were related to theme of the meeting.

At first Guest spoke on the topic “what do you like and dislike about childhood”. Next TM Shameema spoke about “traditional, irresistible food of childhood”. The next speech was on “strong lession or strong feeling of your childhood” delivered by TM Alok. The last table topic speech was done by TM Yashashree “is it more fun to be a parent or a child”. She started bystating it is more fun to be a childlike parent!

All role players presented their reports. General evaluator appreciated the way the meeting was conducted and thanked TME TM Shruthi for bringing back the child hood memories. Some suggestions for the overall improvement of meeting was provided. Thereafter TME signed off thanking everyone for the encouragement

President concluded the meeting and announced the winners.

Best speaker: TM Minal,

Best evaluator: TM Abidul Islam

Best Table topics speaker: TM Yashashree.