330 – Cherishing Moments

Minutes of the 330th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

‘Cherishing Moments’ theme by TM Minal Joshi

Minutes by TM Pratibha Tiwari

June 23th, 2019

The last meeting of the year 2018-2019, wonderfully steered by cheerful TM Minal Joshi. It was opened by Acting President TM Abidul Islam at 7:45 pm. Thought of the evening was given by TM Harsha wagh “Sometimes you will never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory. So we should cherish each moment of our life.” Word ‘Reminiscence’ was introduced by Word Master TM Anita.

TM Pratibha Tiwari gave her Pathway Project L2-P1 speech on ‘Leadership is a lifestyle.” She spoke that every person is a leader who is gifted with their own leadership style. Her leadership style has four facets Acceptance, Protection, Sustainability & Giving and it is her lifestyle. Her speech was evaluated by TM Yashashree.

TM Rajshekhar gave his project 33 on ‘Appraising with Praise’. It was a perfect model of effective communication between a manager and a sales person. It illustrated that how positive approach with praising an employee during his annual appraisal can boost up employee’s moral & performance. His speech was evaluated by TM Namrata Pandey.

Afterwards, Newsletter “Innovation” was launched by DTM Develal, Area Director TM Shameema, President Abidul Isalam, Senior TM Shahjahan and TM Rajshekhar which was designed by innovative TM Shruthi.

Then TM Shameema eloquently conducted ceremonies for outgoing and incoming EXCOM members. TME Minal arranged a cake cutting ceremony to make those moments memorable.

Screen play of video memories of the year 2018-19 brought nostalgic feeling in individual hearts.

Jovial TM Ramakrishnan came up with interesting table topics. TM Harsha, TM Shahjahan, TM Ranjith, TM Murtaza, DTM Devlal participated. Table topics were the following:

  1. What if the school will start at 6 pm
  2. Your reaction if new rule ‘only men have to cook’ is applicable from tomorrow
  3. Gossiping is good for health
  4. In summer UAE time to be adjusted by 12 hours
  5. ‘Will be ready in 5 minutes’ but it never happens


The general evaluation was done by TM Shahjahan.  He congratulated for newsletter release and productive year of EXCOM. He appreciated TME and role players for their job. He suggested the use of the gavels for ceremonies.  He expressed his expectation for more enriching and insightful work from new EXCOM.

The meeting was declared closed by Acting President TM Abidul Islam.  The dinner was served at 9:45 pm.

Best Evaluator: TM Yashshree

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Ranjith

No of attendees: 19

No of guests: 4

Next Meeting: 07.07.2019

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.