Minutes of the 328th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Happiness theme by TM Dipak Soni
Minutes by TM Namrata Pandey
May 26th 2019
Snacks was served at 8.00pm to all the toastmasters and guests. After that the meeting started at 8.30pm with SAA TM Shyamlal reading out the mission of the toastmasters international.  He invited the president TM Senthil Kumar to declare the meeting number 328 open. The president made two important announcements
1. The president informed that we are still looking at different options to decide a permanent venue for our meetings.
2. The next executive committee would would take over from July, 2019. The elections for the same would be held in the next meeting.
 the President introduced the TME, TM Deepak Soni
The theme of the meeting was “happiness” and TME explained what happiness was all about. Happiness is a state of well being, joy and satisfaction. He explained that happiness is a cake that we bake ourselves, there are no perfect ingredients. Happiness is not how much we have but how we enjoy what we have.
He introduced the three guests Mr Raghuram, Mr Mohammed and Ms Renu Bagharia.
 TM Ranjit gave the thought for the evening. He explained that Iftaar parties are held during the holy month of Ramadan to share happiness with family and friends. He shared his own experience of the special Iftaar party organised by his company this year where specially abled people were invited for the party, so that they could interact with everyone and enjoy the food, games etc. He said that all of them were very happy when they saw the happiness of their special guests.
 TM Deepak Soni introduced the role players, he started in the reverse order with the general evaluator being introduced first.
The word of the day was “grandiloquent”, which means pompous or extra agent. It was very well received and used 8 times by different toastmaster’s in the meeting.
 TM Yashashree conducted the table topics session in a very unique and innovative style. She invited two people at a time. One had to start a story and the other had to end the story with the help of the words or phrases given by TM Yashashree. TM Tariq, TM Abidul, TM Aslam, TM Namrata, and the guest Mr Raghuram participated in the table topics session.
In the prepared speeches session TM Aslam and TM Abidul started their pathways journey with their ice breaker speeches.
TM Ramakrishnan gave his level 2 project 3 from pathways about toastmasters mentoring. His speech was very witty and humorous as usual with his own mentoring experience. TM Namrata gave her pathways level 2 project 2 with the speech title “Is everything possible?”
The prepared speeches were evaluated very well by seasoned toastmasters TM Senthil, TM Shruti, TM Asif and TM Alok. They gave valuable inputs to the speakers so that the speakers would be able to improve their speaking skills.
This was followed by the general evaluation by TM Shyamlal. He did a very detailed evaluation of the entire meeting, praised the TME, TM Deepak for conducting the meeting with Elan and for the wonderful
time management.
Then the TME concluded the meeting with a message that we should always give priority to our family because our family always stands with us, everything else might change, but they will always be with us. He then invited the president to give certificates to the best speakers and declare the meeting closed.
The president praised TM Deepak Soni for conducting the meeting flawlessly. He once again informed everyone about the nomination process for the new Excom and also requested the guests to give back their feedback about the meeting. Then he declared that the best speaker and the best table topic speaker was TM Namrata, and the best evaluator was TM Asif.
 The President declared meeting number 328 closed by 10:15pm.