322 – “ART” Attack

Minutes of the 322th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Art Attack theme by TM Yashashree
Minutes by TM Shruthi Shetty
March 3rd 2019

As the theme of the meeting ART Attack TME TM Yashashree experienced us the joy of Art with series of Art based activities. We witnessed 2 informative prepared speeches, HPL Presentation and Artistic Table Topic session by TM Rajan Twade. Meeting started at 7:31pm.

Sergeant at arms TM Syamlal welcomed everyone to the meeting, explained his role and set out the ground rules for the meeting. 

President TM Senthil Kumar opened the meeting Congratulated TM Snehal winner of International Speech, Evaluation, Table Topic and TM Mahanshu winner of Humorous Speech for the great achievement at Area 42 contest 2019, he requested Toastmasters to encourage them in Division H on March 29th. He informed about the day as Jamsetji Tata renowned industrialist was on born on the day.

TME TM Yashashree introduced Art as fun, education, feeling, freedom, connects, speaks also said Art is life which experiences who we are and what happens to us.

Word Master TM Kumarappan introduced the word of the day GENIAL meaning Pleasant, Kind, Cheerful with examples like our guest were genial and friendly.

Thought of the Evening by TM RamKrishnan explained about Cobra Effect as in Delhi the government asked people to bring cobra and in exchange with silver coin, soon breeding of cobra scam happened. Later Government took the decision back which made the situation worse. He concluded with when you introduce a solution think about cobra effect.

Role Players were Greet Master TM Syamlal, Timer TM Snehal, Ah Counter TM Pratibha, Grammarian TM Shruthi and Quiz Master TM Imtiaz.

TM Harsha gave her Project 9 titled “Kindness matters” where she shared kindness brings joy and happiness, people will never fail how you made them feel with honest feedback, compliments. She shared her story as how security officer helped her when she missed her bike key and concluded with treat yourself kindly, evaluated by TM Syamlal He praised for the vocal usage and recommended for stage movement, hand gesture.

TM Mohamed Asif in P1-L2_p1 spoke on “Change your mindset” asked question how people treat problem as there are 2 kinds of people while facing problems one frustrated and other confident. He shared mindset technique to face situation calmly by solving, what can I learn, come out with more solution. Evaluated by TM Minal Best usage of intentional and unintentional body language recommended for stressful action on the gesture.

TM Shameema HPL Presentation-Post Event on Area 42 contest 2019 gave a clear picture on how the event was organized, agenda was created, seat, light, sound arrangements,  2 clip on mic for back up, previous day visit to venue, role players from various clubs, refreshments. As an Area Director she was happy for the success of the event, lots of lesson learnt and thanked everyone.

Table Topic Master TM Rajan Twade came up with topic related to Art 1. Arts speaks when words are unable to explain. 2. What title you will give to the paining. 3. Which art you like and why? 4. Make story including these 3 words Art, Happiness, Emotion. TM Rajshekar, TM Namrata, TM Ramkrishnan, TM Snehal participated.

General Evaluator TM Mohamed Basheer applauded TM Yashashree for the energetic meeting filled with activities, creative thought of the evening. He advised role players to come prepared, hand shake at first and after speech, don’t drop the roles at last moment.

President TM Senthil Kumar Genial meeting, amazing energy throughout the meeting, everyone had fun and enjoyed participating in the activities. President awarded the winners and closed the meeting at 9:40 pm later dinner was served.

Best Speaker : TM Mohamed Asif
Best Evaluator : TM Minal Joshi
Best Table Topic: TM Snehal
No. of attendees: 19
Date : 3.3.2019
Next Meeting : 17.3.2019

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.