321 – Fake News

Minutes of the 321th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Fake News theme by TM Ranjit Nair
Minutes by TM Shruthi Shetty
February 17th 2019


It was an awareness meeting by TM Ranjit Nair as he lighted on Fake News  along with 2 prepared speeches, SCS and HPL Presentation and an innovative Table Topic Session. Meeting started at 7:34 PM.

President TM Senthil Kumar opened the meeting, informed about the present day as Random act of Kindness day and also about upcoming Area level contest, DTAC.

Toastmaster of the Evening TM Ranjit with theme Fake news created awareness as it’s important to know whether the information is genuine or fake before sharing with different types of fake news like fun, to stress a point, influence, malign someone or organization, create panic. We had a guessing game as we identified the given picture fake or not.

Thought of the evening by TM Yashashree shared Love and Kindness never wasted with a beautiful story also we never know everyone are living their own stories it’s good to leave the foot print where ever you go.

TM Syamlal in his Pathways P1-L1_P3 project gave introduction on “Tennis” which started in 11th Century played with hands. Presently it’s one of the famous sport controlled by main referee. He explained about equipments used, the Grand slams and how it has created lots of legends, Evaluated by TM Abidul Islam: Familiar topic, made use of floor well recommended to use pauses.

TM Pratibha in her Pathways P1-L1_P2 project spoke about “What is my Contribution” Selfless giving can be given by heart as she went through the memory lane. While she was working as Computer teacher one of the student who is the son of Martyn said he wants to contribute his life as his dad. The incident changed Pratibha’s perspective later she went up to became life coach and councilor, Evaluated by TM Ramakrishanan: Inspirational speech with clarity of thoughts recommended to use stage and body language.

TM Mohamed Basheer presented SCS(Successful Club Series) Presentation – Creating the Best Club Climate and lighted us with different deciding factor  like Learning Environment, Member Interactions, Set an example by  a good impression, arrive prepared, offering assistance, volunteering. Welcome guest: as first impression counts, engage them in conversation, answer questions, befriend them and invite them to another meeting. Show members that you care: be a mentor, show interest in others, be considerate, evaluate effectively and recognize achievements.

TM Shameema gave HPL (High Performance Leadership) Presentation which included how to lead a team with 5 Goals Evaluate the strength, Guidance committee, Develop vision and mission, what I have learnt. She explained about the upcoming Annual Area Contest of Area 42 with 7 clubs, the objectives, Vision and mission, Resource Planning, Night before and during the Event, Contest, Technical and Educational Planning.

Table Topic Master TM Shruthi Shetty came up with props for which the TM has to spread Fake News. TM Namrata(Batman), TM Abidul(Car) TM Senthil(Plane) TM Snehal(Mask), TM Anitha(Phone), TM Harsha(Pen) presented the fake news with the respective Props.

General Evaluator TM Jayakrishnan appreciated TM Ranjit for the relevant theme of this time, Agenda was apt and Innovative Table Topic.

President TM Senthil mentioned Amusing and informative theme, thought provoking thought of the Evening and all the role players contributed excellent for the Success of the meeting, Award felicitated for the winners and closed the meeting.

Best Speaker : TM Pratibha Tiwari
Best Evaluator : TM Abidul Islam
Best Table Topic: TM Abidul Islam
No. of attendees: 18
Date : 17.02.2019
Next Meeting : 3.3.2019

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.