318 -Essence of Time and Change

Minutes of the 318th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
ESSENCE OF TIME & CHANGE theme by TM Abidul Islam
Minutes by TM Shruthi Shetty(VP-PR), TM RamaKrishnan
January 6th 2019

Great start of the New Year 2019 being the first meeting of the year 4 DCP points were earned with 4 milestones attained ACS and ALB by TM Mohamed Basheer, ACB by TM Namarata, and CC by TM ShruthiTM Abidul Islam wore 2 hats Acting President also as TME steered through the Essence of Time and change. Meeting started at 7:35pm.

Sergeant at arms TM Syamlal informed the objective of Toastmasters and requested members to refrain from 3 topics that are politics, religion and sex.

Acting president TM Abidul Islam opened the 318th meeting.  He informed that we will focus more and more of Pathways in 2019. He encouraged everybody to login into Toastmasters regularly and see updates.

 As a TME TM Abidul Islam defined Essence of Time and Change as Change is something you were different a moment ago. Beauty of human beings is to absorb change. He mentioned that New Year resolutions usually fail because it was an excuse that instead of doing immediately we postponed till year end.

Thought of the evening was given by TM Aloris Dias. He engaged with audience with questions how many of you married? Is it a sacrifice? He described an African story. A poor boy and poor girl fell in love. After Christmas they proposed to marry. Next Christmas they thought of gift to each other. But they didn’t have money to buy.  The Girl had long and beautiful hair. But she doesn’t had hair clip. The boy had a watch without strap. The boy used to keep the watch in his pocket and used it. In order to give gifts to each other, the girl sold her hair and bought watch strap. The boy sold her watch and bought hair clip. When both realized what they have done… they realized that the biggest gift they got for Christmas is the sacrifice of partner.

TME introduced Role Players Greet Master TM Pratibha Tiwari, Timer Prachi, Ah Counter TM Aloris Dias, Grammarian TM JayaKrishnan, and Quiz Master TM RamaKrishanan.

TME asked for any craziest New Year resolution.TM Basheer mentioned that his BMI suggested that he is over weight for his height. To match the BMI he decided to increase his height this year.

 He mentioned that this meeting special due to the composition of members who are experienced and new members fresh with energy.

Word Master TM Md. Asif introduced the word “Procrastination” which means delay or postpone action with example such as when it comes to housework, I tend to procrastinate.

TM Shruthi Shetty achieved CC title with the Project 10 “Lets Reuse” She describe the beauty of Mother Earth and as humans it’s our responsibility to create an environment where all living beings can live happily. She highlighted how reusing the resources will help maintain the balance and shared some of the tips to Reuse at home,  evaluated by TM Mahanshu pointed the transition was clear with personal example and song was the highlight of speech advised to work on ending the sentences abruptly.

TM Namrata Pandey accomplished ACB with Project 20 “Alexander the Great”  She mentioned him as her favorite historical character also emphasized what made him great apart from attaining success in his very  young age. He was born on 356 BC died when he was just 32 years on his death bed he had strange wish which had a powerful message that his body should Doctors carry means everyone should take care of their health and should throw coins on the way also to keep his hand out of the coffin which symbolized even Alexander left empty handed, evaluated by TM Shameema she mentioned being a natural story teller speech was an interesting and well delivered on historic epic with confident proper eye contact, intact diction.

TM Mohamed Basheer attained ACS with Project 30 “Training on Television” conducted mock training on Good Brilliant ideas spoke on how to remember things while learning new language. He described function of brain Left and Right hemisphere. According to TPR whatever you make it fun with total physical movement listen and imitate left side will be less stressed and it is easy to learn with repetition, evaluated by TM Shahjahan said topic was evergreen, ever demanding with a good example of how to look, perform in TV channels though it was challenging to look straight with minimal facial expression.

TM Mohamed Basheer successfully completed ALB with Successful Club series “Presentation on Meeting roles and Leadership” emphasized to have a quality club meeting also enjoyable meeting should start on time and conclude on time. TME is the captain of the meeting responsible for the adjustment of agenda also who takes care the stage is occupied always. SPEAKER: it is advisable to have 4 prepared speeches with opening, body, conclusion in time frame with fully prepared. Table Topic Master: will mostly have topic related to the theme of the meeting. General Evaluator: Describes how the meeting is arranged, he will evaluate the evaluators. Speech Evaluation: Itself is a speech with the feedback to the speaker. Timer: is responsible for the time management, Grammarian, Greet Master, Word Master, Ah Counter, Joke Counter, Vote Counter, Sergeant At Arms all play supporting role for the success of the meeting

TM Pratibha in pathways P1-L1_P2 “Mistake in my Life” described an incident with her best friend Kavitha. Due to some misunderstanding they both got apart. Later Pratibha learned that because of her absence Kavitha could not complete her 12Th as she used to consider Pratibha as her “Guru” the teacher, evaluated by TM Md. Aslam described the speech was a good story filled with emotions asked her to include vocal variety and voice modulation.

Table Topic session was conducted by TM Syamlal with interesting topic

  1. If you learn from our mistake why are we so afraid to make a mistake?
  2. What something most people don’t know about you?
  3. What’s your definition of heaven?
  4. What is one thing you haven’t done in life?
  5. What does it mean to be human?

TM Dipak, TM Zeinul, TM Snehal, TM RamaKrishnan, TM Asif took part.

  General evaluator TM Shahjahan noticed throughout the meeting Pin drop silence was maintained which shows we made use of 2 hrs. Also we go home with great values. TME TM Abidul dutifully conducted meeting to take our club to success. He mentioned the meeting was a complete meeting with completion of 10th, 20th, 30th project along with pathway speech. He wished the Toastmasters for the upcoming contest.

TME TM Abidul Islam concluded the TME role and also as an Acting President closed the meeting dinner was served by 9:40 pm

Best Speaker : TM Pratibha Tiwari
Best Evaluator : TM Shajahan
Best Table Topic: Guest TM Snehal
No. of attendees: 16

Date : 6.01.2019
Next Meeting : 20.01.2019

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.