Minutes of the 315th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Question theme by TM Ranjit Nair
Minutes by TM Shruthi Shetty(VP-PR)
November 25th 2018

It was a spectacular meeting as the TME  TM Ranjit raised curious among the toastmasters with the theme mentioned in the agenda as “ ? ” with 4 brilliant  prepared speeches, talk show and educational session for the upcoming contest. Meeting started at 7:35 pm.

President TM Senthil Kumar opened the meeting and informed the Toastmasters to register for DTAC which will be held in Dubai.

TME TM Ranjit Nair asked question why we ask question. It’s a request to get information

He showed symbols for question marks in different language 1. English “?” 2. Arabic mirror image 3.Spanish: inverted question mark 4.Greek ” ; ” 5 . Hindi “?” Which is borrowed. He explained the origin of question. Different types of question: Closed question: to test understanding, conclude.  Open Ended:  Best used when details, to get clarification, need draw information. Leading question: leads to answer. Rhetorical question: Statements doesn’t need any answer.

Thought of the evening by TM Aloris Dias narrated a story of China Bamboo which among millions of plants it takes 5 years to grow sprout later within 6 weeks it will grow up to 90 feet so he compared it with life where in business, work, and children’s education we need to have patience.

TM Shameema presented Word of the day ELUCIDATE meaning make clear

TM Minal Joshi fantasized “Ladies meet” in her Project 6 she described ladies meet or get together is a popular concept among ladies all over the world. She tried to explain how she learned things in such meets. While how important it is in ladies life, Evaluated by TM Abidul Islam: Simple language audience could connect, pauses was appropriate, words smartly used, created a drama great amount of vocal variety.

TM Seema Mittal in P1-L1_Pr3  “All about games”  which refreshes, gives instant energy. She spoke about various games, board games, benefits of games as it gives good break from the monotonous life. She concluded with take out some time from busy life and start playing games,, Evaluated by TM Alok Mishra: well written speech with clear purpose to convey, good practice would have enhanced the quality of Speech.

TM Rajan Tawade in P1-L1_Pr3 “Accident and Opportunity” described an true incident when the train derailed while he was travelling with waiting list ticket though fully paid but no seat later he found an opportunity when he happened to have conversation with TC which made him to get a confirmed ticket , evaluated by TM JayaKrihnan: Interest was well generated with experience, comfortable on stage, spoken language should have constructed well.

TM Ramakrishnan spoke on “Uplifting Service” Purpose of the speech is to learn basic research techniques and present a well-organized and well researched speech.TM Ramakrishnan has done research based on Ron Kaufman’s book titled Uplifting Service and various videos and blogs uploaded by him. In his speech he has defined what is service, who are the receiver/ giver of service, scale to measure good service and how to achieve service excellence. He has concluded by asking the audience to provide unbelievable service consistently to achieve service excellence. Evaluated by TM Anita the subject interested the audience, well prepared notes were not used, hand gesture and body language added drama.

TM Mohamed Basheer in his Project 28 hosted “Talk Show” he says excellent leaders and motivational speakers are mostly Toastmasters with an example when a Toastmaster journey helped him to reach CEO in multinational Company and he invited Area Director TM Shameema for the talk show. He asked questions like what is Toastmaster? What is Area Director? Being Housewife how is your journey? Some Advice for the viewers and he concluded with hope you all enjoyed the show, Evaluated by, TM Shajahan well handled the talk show Relevant question were asked how are you before and now? Suggested to ask for difficult question and to avoid monotone.

Education session on Annual Contest was conducting by TM Rajshekar

He described Types of contest: Table Topic, Humorous speech, Speech evaluation, International Speech. Hierarchy of Contest: Club level, Area level, Division level, District level, Regional level and finally International level.

Purpose of Table topic: To encourage development of impromptu speech. Example to start with OREO: O- Opinion, R: Reason, E: Example, O: opinion restate. DO’s: Use your imagination, have fun, go through quotation and proverb, Appear confident and smile, read newspaper that day, walk like a winner. DON’T’s: Apologize, don’t repeat and don’t look at someone who doesn’t speak.

Humorous Speech: Opening either use Prop or action, laughter in 30 sec. Preparation: Keep collecting jokes. Go for 8 F’s: Funny, Fits into your speech, Fresh, Fast end, Famous.

Evaluation: Clear and focus, sympathetic, recommendation not more than 2 or 3, Start the phrases with it appeared to me, I suggest, I think your next speech.

International speech: with the Opening catch the attention, use 40-50 rule, motivational speech, structure the speech with opening, body and conclusion, to use quotes like the strongest principle of growth lies in human choice – George Eliot.

TM Rajshekar also conducted Table Topic session with the topics Among 5 senses which is important and what in your opinion wonder in this WORLD, TM Md. Asif and guest took part in the session.

General Evaluation by TM Namrata Pandey:

1.She applauded TM Ranjit for conducting flawless meeting with his own style and also thanked for developing       curious about the Theme ‘QUESTION’ before the meeting.
2.Speeches were thought provoking with medley of subjects, meaningful suggestions were given during evaluation   and Education session was apt for the upcoming contest.
3.She asked timer to mention the time taken by each speaker apart from qualifying report. She urged everyone to   come 15 min early to start the meeting smoothly.

Best Speaker : TM Minal Joshi

Best Evaluator : TM Shajahan

Best Table Topic: Guest 

No. of attendees: 16

Date : 25.11.2018

Next Meeting : 9.12.2018

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.