Minutes of the 314th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Celebration theme by TM Harsha Wagh
Minutes by TM Shruthi Shetty(VP-PR)
November 14th 2018

Toastmaster of the evening  TM Harsha set the venue to the theme Celebration by decorating with lights, she arranged rapid fire game of sweets all toastmasters ecstatically took part. 3 Prepared speeches, educational session by TM Abidul and unique table topic session by TM Ramakrishnan.  Celebration doubled with presence of founder member  DTM Anil. Meeting started at 7:40 pm.

Jubilant Sergeant at Arms TM Aloris Dias opened the meeting reading out the international mission and urged participants to refrain talking from Taboo Topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Senthilkumar to start the meeting.

President TM Senthikumar opened meeting and congratulated all toastmasters as IUTM  club received award of president’s designated club status.  Guests present during meeting introduced themselves.TM Senthilkumar spoke about importance of celebration in our life.

TM Harsha introduced the theme of the meeting ‘Celebration’, explained importance of it and mentioned that due to celebration we can spend time with family and friends, celebrate with generation to generation, enjoy different types of food, gain enjoyment, immense happiness. Celebration helps us to become stress free.

Thought of the evening was presented by TM Namrata she mentioned that celebration is expression of happiness. She further added that we should celebrate small things on day to day basis and gain happiness instead of waiting for  big things / big celebration. For e.g. Enjoying coffee in the morning in a pleasant weather can also be called as celebration.

TM Aloris Dias (word master) introduced word of the day ‘Valorous’ which means ‘Courageous’, ‘Brave’ with examples.

TM Dipak Soni gave Icebreaker Speech. TM Dipak explained about his family, his journey from childhood to present life in UAE. TM Dipak especially mentioned importance of his brother in his life, who invested half of his salary for upbringing of TM Dipak and other family members. TM Dipak also spoke about importance of the savings in everybody’s life mentioning “We should save enough and never to dependant on others.” Evaluated by TM Md. Asif justified the icebraker with ‘Journey of thousand miles starts from first steps

TM Shruthi persuaded the audience in Project 9 “Listen to Music” she described Music is the melody of sound which affects brain in many positive way. The benefits of playing different music, which also effects plants and animals. She concluded with Music Rocks, it’s easy, fun and more powerful sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better, evaluated by TM Ranjit

TM Namrata did the third project from the advance manual, storytelling. The title of the project is, morale of the story and she narrated that we should control our anger because the damage that we do due to our anger is irreparable. It can’t be undone. She related it to her own personal experience, when she spoke in anger to her mother and said she always feel guilty that she didn’t say sorry to her and now she is no more, evaluated by TM Shameema Opened with an quote If you loose temper loose 60 sec of your life. Amazing story telling excelled well. Transition was perfect, confident speaker hand gesture, voice modulation was appropriate

TM Abidul Islam conducted educational session Successful club series on EVALUATION to MOTIVATE: we are in toastmaster to improve, evaluation drives to improve.
He explained the importance of evaluation:
to provide immediate feedback Offers method of improvements Building and maintain self-esteem.
Evaluation is done by ‘Tell and sell’ approach as when the evaluator talks and the speaker listens!

How to evaluate effectively:
Before the speech: talk with the speaker about manual objectives, evaluation guidelines, any concerns.
During the speech: Show that you are interested, put yourself in the position of speaker, take notes.
During your evaluation: Choose your words carefully, evaluate the speech not the speaker, promote self esteem, avoid honest evaluations are upbeat and encourage.
Closing: Connect to your opening statement, summarize your key points.

Table Topic session was conducted by TM RamaKrishnan in a unique way with the following topics: Is Social media technological pollution to human beings. Zoo and Circus violates animal freedom. Should the weekend to be increased from 2-3 days. Minimum marriage age to be reduced to 16, TM Abidul Islam, TM Shajahan, DTM Anil, Guest Soorya took part.

General Evaluation by TM Alok Mishra:

  • Admired the celebration of the festival of light with decoration of diyas and also toastmasters in colourful attire.
  • He mentioned meeting started late by 7:40 pm.
  • Applauded TM Namrata for taking up the Thought of the evening instantly it was indeed “Valorous of the evening.”
  • Rapid fire round by TME created a fun environment when Toastmasters as to name sweets without taking break.
  • Cherished the presence of founder member DTM Anil.
  • Highlighted the extra ordinary Table Topic by TM RamaKrishnan.

President T M Senthil Kumarappreciated for the excellent meeting managed to run smoothly with Celebration.

Best Speaker : TM Shruthi Shetty
Best Evaluator : TM Shameema
Best Table Topic: Guest Soorya
No. of attendees: 16
Date : 14.11.2018
Next Meeting : 25.11.2018

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.