313-Nostalgia- Jingle all the way

Minutes of the 313th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Nostalgia: Jingle all the way theme by TM Anita Kangat
Minutes by TM Shruthi Shetty(VP-PR)
October 28th 2018

TME TM Anita with an unique theme Nostalgia: Jingle all the Way took everyone to the childhood days with popular videos of the era and therefore the Toastmasters got chance to cherish their memory lane. Three amazing Prepared speech, evaluation and innovative Table Topic session by  TM Prachi. Meeting started by  7:40pm.

Segerant at Arms was TM Kumarappan where he set venue before the meeting, read out the TMI vision and mission and welcomed Acting President.

Acting President TM Abidul Isalm opened the 313 meeting and updated regarding the upcoming competition of Toastmasters.

TM Anita took over the stage with the theme of Nostalgia and drove us through our childhood memories through videos on screen reflecting big collection of cassettes, marbles, Gems packet, 50 paise coin, one carom board, frymes on fingers, ball –bat, Reynolds Pen. The person is having mobile was a matter of pride. She also gave information that in 1963 All India Radio started 15 minutes bulletin and in 1983 color program started. She shoem antenna setup was one of the task to get broadcasting on TV

Thought of the evening by TM Shahjahan spoke on

1.How Inner Universe Toastmaster club formed when group of Toastmasters thought about leadership and Personality Development who were the members of Inner Universe which is lifestyle management course by Dr. Pon.

2. He inspired through 3 things to learn: To know ourselves, detach from yourself and learn the art of admiring. We need to encourage everyone and ourselves.

  • Team of Role Players were TM Harsha : Greet Master, TM Aloris Dias: Timer, TM Pratiba: Ah Counter,                TM Rajshekar: Grammarian, TM Abidul Islam: Quiz Master

Word Master TM Seema introduced new word Pensive = Deep or Serious Thought.

TM Ramakrishnan spoke on topic “Journey of my smile”.  In his speech he described his love for smile which and how it has invited trouble to him on many occasions in a humorous way. He concluded that once he becomes older than his smile will not invite trouble and people will understand that his smile has only one meaning that is happiness, evaluated by TM Harsha: Humorous Speech everyone can relate Well structured with personal experience made everyone smile She suggested to add energy, gesture and eye contact.

TM Namrata gave  5th project, the abstract topic, from the advance manual, speaking to inform. She spoke on the topic, Free Will where she explained the meaning of free will and the three different views with regards to existence of free will.  She also explained how science, specially genetics explains free will, evaluated by TM Shameema: Debate on free will was excellent Eye contact was proper, smile is infectious, confident level, voice modulation was appropriate.She movement was limited, X factor was missing.

TM Mohammed Basheer held mock-up Press Conference on his Project 27 from Advanced Manual where he explained to the Press how one of their Constructed bridge collapsed due to design issue later he answered to the question from the Toastmasters, evaluated by TM Shahjahan : Full confident took the audience into hand very successful in creating impression of how the design led to mistake. He asked Toastmasters to ask difficult questions.

We had an Educational session led by TM Abidul Islam on Successful Club Series  on MENTORING:
A mentor takes personal interest and helps. Serves as a role model, coach, offers knowledge, insight, perspective, wisdom, confidence and helps someone to become successful. Why Mentoring? Easing the Transtition, To Develop special skills.
Benefits to Mentors: Learn from their Mentees. Remain Productive, Do something for others.
Benefits to Club: More members, more satisfied members, higher member retention.
Mentor Qualities: Be available, Patience, Respectful, Flexible, Supportive, Knowledge, Confidence.

Table topic Master TM Prachi came up with an unique idea where Toastmasters has to sell things which used to be in 1990’s like Maggi noodles, Vicco Turmeric, Bulb where TM Rajshekar, TM Abdual Rauf and 2 guests sold the Products.

General Evaluation by TM Rajshekar

  1. Appreciated TME TM Anita for the Nostalgic meeting and for conducting flawless meeting being TME for the first time.
  2. He also congratulated all the speakers and role players
  3. He pointed out some correction from the Agenda.

TM Anita concluded her role and called upon Acting President .

Acting President TM Abidul Islam Thanked TM Anita, felicitated the winners and concluded the meeting. Dinner served by 9:45pm.

Best Speaker : TM RamaKrishanan
Best Evaluator : TM Shameema
Best Table Topic: Guest
No. of attendees: 16
Date : 28.10.2018
Next Meeting : 14.11.2018

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.