309-Let’s do something

Name: TM Prashant Dembla
Club Officer Title: SECRETARY

Minutes of INNER UNIVERSE TOASTMASTERS Meeting no: 309

02/09/2018 – Sunday

The 306th IUTM meeting was convened on 2nd SEPT 2018, Sunday with Toastmaster of the Evening – TM Namrata Pandey, presiding over the meeting.

IUTM EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2018-19 was present:
The TME- Namrata Pandey introduced the theme of the day: “Let’s do something ”
❖ We should not just procrastinate or dream about things but start working towards them.
❖ We have to start taking actions to make a positive change in our lives .
Thought for the day was given by TM Jayakrishnan :-
“Not to react to criticism but should learn from it and use it for the benefit of the society”
Word of the day was given by TM Ramakrishnan – “RUBRIC” – an established rule ,tradition or custom.
Eg: The rubric of toastmasters club is that its starts with the call of order and ends with the President’s remarks .

Role Players were introduced by TME

1. Prepared speeches were presented:-
➢ TM Shruthi – Title : “Memories of Sri Lanka / Project 8
❖ TM Shruthi gave a speech on her exciting journey to Sri Lanka , the various places that she visited along with
family and how it was a great experience .

➢ TM Mohammad Basheer- Advcaned Project – Title “50-20”
❖ TM Basheer gave a speech on the occasion of his 50th Birthday and 20th Anniversary , where he spoke about the
sweet relationship with his spouse .

• TM Mohammad Asif – Pathways Project 2 -Title “ Look after your parents”
❖ When parents grow old ,they become like children and tend to forget things and also become weak. We should
take care of them, like they took care of us when we were young and we should not raise our voice on them .

• TM Prashant Dembla – Pathways Project 2- Title “ The Millionaire Dream ”
❖ TM Prashant gave an exciting speech about the various ways and methods by which we can become Millionaires
and also gave the examples of those who are already Millionaires and how they achieved their Goals.

• TM Anita Kangat – Title “ Believe it or not ”
❖ She told about various superstitons that people follow in all parts of the world which have also become a part of
traditions in some cultures. Even in modern world today, people follow superstitions without any scientific

2. Evaluations were presented:-
➢ TM Rajashekhar evaluated the speech from TM Shruthi
❖ Suggestions – Good use of pause, ending was abrupt and too many pictures were used which could have been
➢ TM Senthil Kumar evaluated the speech from TM Basheer
❖ Suggestions – Opening was catchy, it was humorous, he honored his relationship with his wife . Opening, body
and conclusion were well presented.
➢ TM Rama Krishnan evaluated the speech from TM Mohammad Asif
❖ Suggestions- The speech was well articulated, accent and eye-contact were good. More voice modulation could
have added and could have asked the audience to take a pledge.
➢ TM Aloris Dias evaluated the speech from TM Prashant Dembla
❖ Suggestions- Excellent speech ,body Language and humor were good . Speaker should not carry paper in hand.
Speaker should shake hands with the TME .
➢ TM Senthil Kumar evaluated the speech from TM Anitha .
❖ Suggestions- Topic was relevant , language was simple , speaker could have used more space.

3. Table Topics® questions were presented by TM Mahanshu :-
4. Reports from different role players were presented :-

• General Evaluator: TM Shahjahan gave the following SUGGESTIONS :-
(1) The meeting was well organized , theme , presentation were good .
(2) We should justice to the objectives and apply in all our future speeches.
(3) Speeches should not end with – THANK YOU , but – OVER TO YOU.
(4) MIC issue should be fixed so that TM’s can practice and have a feel of the speech that’s given on the stage .

5. Club awards were presented:
• Best Evaluator: TM Mohammad Aslam
• Best Table Topics: TM Prashant Dembla
• Best Speaker: TM Prashant Dembla
Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm