Minutes of the 306th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Goal theme by TM Mohammed Aslam
July 8th 2018


The 306th IUTM meeting was convened on 8th July 2018, Sunday, with Toastmaster of the Evening – TM Mohammed Aslam presiding over the meeting.


  • Total Members present : 17The TME- Mohammed Aslam  introduced the theme of the day: “GOALS”  


    • Goals are very important in life as they are a source of motivation to progress in life.
    • A person should be growth-oriented rather than Goal-oriented.


     Thought for the day was given by TM Alok Mishra :-

    “Success required hard work and determination only then we can achieve great results”

    Role Players ( Introduced by TME ) :-

    • Greet Master : TM Syamlal, Timer: TM Prashant Dembla, Ah-Counter: TM Shruthi Shetty, Grammarian: TM Kumarappan, Quiz Master: TM Dipak Soni, Word Master : TM Mahanshu, General Evaluator: TM Jayakrishnan
        • Table Topicsmaster: TM Seema Mittal.


        1. Prepared speeches were presented:-


        • TM Anitha – Title : “A Journey through Life” ( Ice Breaker- Pathways ) / Project 1



        • TM Anitha introduced told about her journey from childhood till present and how her life changed after marriage.


        • TM Ramakrishnan – Title: “Use your strength ,manage your weakness” ( Ice Breaker- Pathways ) / Project 1



        • TM Ramakrishnan introduced about himself and how he used his strength in studies to accomplish high goals in life and he also improvised on his English speaking skills.


        • TM Namrata – Title: “Yoga, the way of life” / Advance Project 3


        • TM Namrata emphasized that YOGA is a whole body philosophy it guides us how to to breathe properly and control our mind .YOGA consists of (1) Pranayam (2) Stretches (3) Asans (4) Meditation
        • She also demonstrated Chair Yoga which can be practiced for just 5 minutes in a day.


        Football Quiz was conducted by TME – Mohammed Aslam .

        1. Table Topics® questions were presented:-
        • TM Mahanshu -answered the question, “Do you think having goal can be dangerous” ?
        • TM Rakshita (Guest) -answered the question, “Can you compare between goals and relations” ?
        • TM Deepak Soni-answered the question, “Thanks giving speech on accomplishing your goal”
        • TM Maushomi (NMC toastmasters) answered the question, “Importance of goals in life”


        1. Evaluations were presented:-
        • TM Mahanshu evaluated the speech from TM Anitha .

        SUGGESTIONS :-

        • He suggested more eye contact with the audience using Humming Bird technique .


        • TM Prachi evaluated the speech from TM Ramakrishnan

        SUGGESTIONS :- .

        • She suggested that he could have told more about his family and try to connect more with the audience.


        • TM Shahjahan evaluated the speech from TM Namrata

        SUGGESTIONS :- .

        • He suggested that TM Namrata should have maintained the timing rule and overall she justified the expectations of the Advanced Project.
          1. Reports from members with meeting roles were provided:-
          • Timer : TM Prashant – All the speeches were delivered within time and were qualified for voting
        • TM Namrata delivered a great speech in Advance Project 3 but took 14min 11 sec to complete the speech. 
          • Ah-counter: TM Shruthi – gave the feedback for some Toastmasters who used Ah, Er, Umm sounds.


          • Grammarian: TM Kumarappan – didn’t find any grammatical error in the speeches.


          • General Evaluator: TM Jayakrishnan gave the following SUGGESTIONS :-
          • Meeting started at 7:40PM, the meetings should start on time.
          • Timer lights should be lit only one at a time.
          • Advanced Speech was very informative but TM Namrata didn’t stop after red light.
          • The Quiz session by TM aslam was tough for the audience.
          • Table topic master should be addressed in Table topic sessions.
          • The title – Toastmaster must be used before addressing a Toastmaster instead of directly taking names.
          • The presentation by TM Abidul was very motivating .

          Club awards were presented:

          • Best Evaluator: TM Shajahan
          • Best Table Topics: TM Mahanshu.
          • Best Speaker: TM Anitha

          Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm

        • With Best Regards                                                                                                                                                                     TM Prashanth Dembla                                                                                                                                                              Secretary                                                                                                                                                                                      IUTM