305-Alternative History 2

Minutes of the 305th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Alternative History 2 theme by TM Mahanshu
June 10th 2018

We witnessed Alternative History 2 where TM Mahanshu came second time as TME to elaborate the theme, he conducted quiz contest on History, everyone enjoyed participating and five Toastmasters won prize as we learned more about history. Five distinct and fun speeches followed by brilliant report by Ah Counter and Grammarian. Meeting started after dinner at 8:15pm.

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Md.Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited Acting President TM Senthil Kumar to start the meeting.

TM Senthil Kumar opened the meeting, he congratulated TM Shameema for being elected as Area Director for Area 42. He called TM Mahanshu to start the meeting.

TM Mahanshu described about his favourite subject History where he humorously said during king Genghis Khan period World saw major forest development. He challenged the Toastmasters understanding of history, he highlighted its importance and suggested ways to ignite the passion for this wonderful field of study.

Thought of the evening by TM Dipak he spoke on Gratitude through appreciation. When you start appreciating it will change our World, our relationship, our own heart and changes our experiences.

Word Master TM Prasant word PIQUANT meaning having a pleasantly sharp taste in sentence The piquant picture was so appealing that it fetched the photographer a high price

Timer TM Syamlal, Ah Counter TM Ramkrishna, Grammarian TM Namrata, Quiz Master TM Seema

Ice Breaker speech by TM Mohammed Asif gave his introduction as a Risk management, controls and assurance professional currently working with a bank as IT Auditor. He further explained his experiences of Job oriented trainings and how he is interested in connecting fresh talent to new opportunities and leaders, evaluated by TM Shameena.

TM Prachi gave her Project 5 on Rescue of Kitten. She humorously described how planned bollywood park family visit ended into saving innocent kitten where family witnessed action, adventure, drama, comedy, suspense and emotion. TM Prachi requested everyone to rescue animals and concluded with the quotes “Saving one animal didn’t change our world, but for that one animal, world changed forever. “Keep rescuing animals, you may lose your mind but you will find your soul.” evaluated by TM Aloris Dias.

TM Shruthi spoke on “The Adventurous World” in her Project 7 she explained Adventure as an exciting experience with few of her adventurous experience. She says Adventure makes you confident, gain knowledge and shared some of the adventurous destinations. She concluded as Treat your life as a daring adventure,there is no substitute for living your life curiosity, evaluated by TM Kumarappan.

TM Senthil Kumar gave Advance Project 5 was about delivering bad news. TM Senthilkumar delivered the budget deficit and proposal to collect nominations Nominal charge of AED 30 to meet the expenses toward the celebration of 300th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmasters Club

TM Senthilkumar also presented two presentations from Better speaker series . Using Body Language and Know your audience. The emphasis and clarity that can be added to speech to provide emphasis and clarity to the spoken was narrated with the presentation of Using Body Language.The importance of fine tuning the speech to the audience and the way to  gain knowledge about the audience to achieve successful Speech was narrated with the presentation of Know your audience, written evaluation by TM Abidul Islam.

Table Topic session by TM Sudhir chose amazing topics like What is your ideal day? What makes you angry? Is there anything called perfection? Guest TM Binsal , TM Shruthi , TM RamaKrishnan brilliantly took part.

General Evaluaton by TM Ranjit he appreciated the role of TME by TM Mahanshu, Ah Counter TM Ramakrishnan, Grammarian TM Namrata and TM Asif for starting up the pathway. He asked all the Toastamasters to make use of the technology microphone.

Acting President TM Senthil Kumar cherished TM Mahanshu for an interesting and excellent meeting. He asked all the Toastmasters to actively participate in the 300th meeting celebration and closed the meeting.

Best Speaker:TM Prachi
Best Evaluator: TM Aloris Dias 
Best Table Topic: TM RamaKrishnan and TM Binsal Abdulkader                                                                                               
No. Attendees:19                         
Date: 10.06.2018                                                                                                                                                                               
Next Meeting: 22.06.2018

With Best Regards,

TM Shruthi Shetty

Inner Universe Toastmaster Club