Minutes of the 303th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Honesty theme by TM Aloris Dias
May 13th 2018

It was feast of stories from TM Aloris as he shared fascinating stories on honesty some from ancient times, many from his own experience with 4 brilliant prepared speeches and lively Table topic session conducted by TM Namrata. Meeting started at 7:30pm.

Young jubilant Sergeant at Arms TM Mohammad Aslam opened the meeting reading out Toastmasters international mission and urged participants to refrain talking from Taboo Topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rashid to start the meeting.

TM Rasheed urged Toastmasters to embrace change definitely hard at beginning, messy in the middle but everyone will accept at the end. As the pathway ambassadors will be visiting our club in next meeting, he asked to register for Pathways come up with question so that the transition would be seamless. He called upon the humorous Champion TM Aloris Dias to steer the meeting.

TM Aloris Dias informed us the power of Honesty with several stories among them one is of a king who decided to go out for one year from his kingdom. He gave his citizens an assignment where they will be rewarded if the given seeds grows well. During his return he saw most of them had a wonderful plants but one man was crying though he used best soil, best water but the plant did not come up. King disclosed that he had given cooked seeds and rewarded the man for his honesty.

Thought of the evening by TM Shruthi. She said Honesty involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, sincere, Honesty is not just telling the truth it’s about being real with yourself and others.

Word of the day by TM Sudhir.he introduced ‘Rectitude” meaning’ Correct behavior, correct thinking with example he gained a great reputation both for rectitude and vigor.

 Timer TM Prachi, Ah Counter TM Mohammed Aslam, Grammarian TM Abidul Islam,Quiz master TM Syamlal

TM Prashant says “I am Unique” in his Ice breaker speech. He is born in Sindh family in Kanpur has studied MBA. He shared incident which changed his personality when everyone used to make fun of his surname Dimbla, he took it has challenge later he excelled in studies, extra curriculum. He concluded with message As Gold attains its shape only when its heated whenever you face challenge smile with courage because you are unique, evaluated by TM Kumarappan

TM Minal gave her Project 5 about Sweet dreams she narrated her dream where she saw fresh water, snow cap similar like cotton through train window which entered into tunnel. She explained how information occurs when we sleep as conscious state leaves and subconscious state enters with good and bad dreams. We can control dreams through playing soothing music, don’t watch horror movie, keep sleep schedule, large meal and don’t forget to say sweet dreams to yourself, evaluated by TM Ranjit

TM Harsha  in her Project 7 spoke  about My City-Pune which is  originally called Puna ruled by Marata Empire situated on the foothills of Sahyadhri surrounded by mesmerizing places such as Lonavala, Mahabhaleshwar. Pune is called Oxford of East with 9 University. It’s famous for Ganesh Utsav, street foods like Vada Pav, Misal Pav and she asked everyone to visit Pune evaluated by TM Senthil Kumar

TM Mahanshu accomplished CC title with Project 10 Look around, he compared present mechanical living to past thoughtful living with examples, when 1000 years ago if you are tired, no food and you come across bush to see fruit you will have the knowledge of whether the fruit is edible or not and you are able to reach your destination without Google Map. He says people are sleep walking through life. How Nokia Company came to end when they stopped to look around, he urged to wake up, go out, find Adventure and grow, evaluated by TM Shajahan

Table Topic Session conducted by TM Namrata where TM Abidul Islam, TM Mohammed Aslam, TM Anita, TM RamaKrishanan energetically took part.

General Evaluation by TM Mohammed Asif he encouraged everyone to use mike and make use of technology.

TM Rasheed embraced TM Haneef on his last day at IUTM for his contribution to the club as Vice President Public Relation where he worked hard for publicity of the club. TM Rasheed applauded the unique show by TM Aloris Dias and closed the meeting

Best Speaker: TM  JayaKrishnan                                                                                                             
Best Evaluator: TM Abidul Islam                                                                                                
Best Table Topic: TM Prashanth                                                                                                            
No. Attendees: 24
Date: 13.05.2018                                                                                                                          
Next Meeting: 27.6.2018

With Best Regards,

TM Shruthi Shetty

Inner Universe Toastmaster Club