Minutes 301 Meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club and
318th Meeting of NMC Chapter Club.
                                                                        Choice theme by TM Saleem                                                                                April 16th 2018

This was an interesting meeting held by TM Saleem as he explained about different choices  with five brilliant prepared speeches and yet another learning experience as we had combined meeting with NMC Chapter Club. Meeting started at 8:00pm.

Young jubilant Sargent at Arms TM Mohammed Aslam opened the meeting with reading our the Toast Masters international mission and urged participant ot refrain talking from Taboo Topics of Politics, Religion Sex. He invited President of the Both Club (IUTM and NMC Chapters) TM Rasheed & TM Ashit  to start the meeting.

Presidents of the both club TM Rasheed & TM Ashit opened the meeting enthusiastically. They gave a short speech about both the clubs and thanked the Club for warmly welcoming them. Presidents of the both club invited the ebullient toast master TM Saleem to Steer  the meeting.

TM Saleem introduced the theme of the meeting and started the meeting with pleasant and enthusiastic manner. He explained how a Choice affects our life and how Choice can make huge positive difference in our life.

TM Saleem requested all the role players to explained their roles. All the role players explained their roles outstandingly. Greet Master is from (NMC Chapter Club), Timer (TM Shameema), Ah Counter( TM Syamlal), Grammarian (TM Deepak Joshi), Quiz Master (TM Shruti), Word Master (TM Uma Devi).

TM Uma Devi (Word Master) introuduced word of the day “Adept” which means very skilled, proficient, expert etc…

TME Saleem Called TM Mohammed Aslam  for  Thought of the Evening.  He gave a well prepared short speech about ‘Importance of Story Telling in Our Life”. He explained how story telling can help us to achieve lot of positive things in our life and can also increase the value of anything exponentially.

TME Saleem now switched to the prepared Speeches, he called an young and energetic TM Jayakrishnan for  his Project-5 speech. TM JayaKrishnan spoke about “Travelogue” in his Project 4. He gave a brief description of the trip he had during his college day. Four places in Kerala was covered. Alleppey known for backwater trip, Munnar tea gardens, Vayanad a green paradise with lots of beautiful landscapes and finally Thrissurpooram, evaluated by TM Benjamin Antony.

TM Shruthi spoke on Everything is possible in her Project 6 She says we need to encourage child’s imagination, every child is unique parents and teacher should identify their strength so that they can discover Everything is Possible evalauted by TM Abidul Islam

TM Mahanshu gave Project 8 on Rock oil he compared rock oil to cheesy and fatty sweets through which the economy of the World going. He explained the formation of Petrol when dead planton buried under high temperature and pressure, it settles down with no oxygen later. They pile up to become rock. He also spoke about well integrite technology used to collect Petrol from mines, evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.

TM SenthilKumar in his Advance  Project 3 from Management speeches Manual explained how personal goals can be achieved through Pathway. He gave information about Pathway which has 10 paths with 5 levels, each path has goals like Presentation, motivation, leadership, interpersonal goals. If you choose for Base Camp it will be your guide where everything will be online. He concluded with go after your gaol get inspired, believe that will take you places, evaluated by TM Ashit Kargoakar.

TM SenthilKumar spoke about “Change in Meeting agenda” Advance Project 4 from Management speeches Manual to improve is to change to be perfect we need to change often – Winston Churchil. He highlighted that now there is no dedicated segment for evaluators to prepare the evaluation speech which will benefit in effective evaluation, evaluated by TM Benjamin.

Best Speaker : TM JayaKrishnan
Best Evaluator : TM John Surya
Best Table Topic: TM Abidul Isalm
No. of attendees: 21
Date : 16.4.2018
Next Meeting : 29.4.2018

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.

with Best regards,
TM Syamlal, TM Shruthi Shetty
Inner Universe ToastmasterClub