299-Emotional Intelligence

Minutes of the 299th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Emotional Intelligence theme by TM Shahjan
December 10th 2017


He shared an incident as   “Today morning I called an honorable member of our club ; the VPE  TM Senthil Kumar and told him  “TM Senthil.. pls forgive me.  I have some inconvenience.  I cannot be the TME tonight.  I am sorry for that” TM Senthil replied me without any pause of delay.  TM Shajahan !  Take it easy.  Don’t be sorry for small things.  I will take care of.  If you need any help from me never hesitate to tell me’ I was surprised by this cool response. After sometime again I called TM Senthil and told him “Forgive me TM Senthil….. He interrupted me and said “look TM Shajahan .  don’t be so sensitive.  The issue is over.  Don’t feel bad for that anymore.  “No TM  Senthil.  I want to say something else… and I explained I was trying to ‘April Fool’ him.  But TM Senthil was very cool all along, despite he had to present two advanced projects today, besides other responsibility of a VPE .  He was even ready to accept the role of a TME, if nobody else was there. 

Now, tell me how many of us could be so cool on such occasions? You call it as EQ or  EI or EM – EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT, OR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENT  OR EMOTIONAL MATURITY – it was simply super.  We love to possess such a trait    We are just back after our Division conference.  Our club was very much active.  Our presence was there at all levels – Club, Area & even the Division Levels.  All our club participants practiced very well. 

But when the question comes “was there anything else we could have done to be even better or the best? Goal says. .. Goal is the founder of Emotional Intelligence.  We will see what .. Goal has to say.

Thought of the evening presented by TM Seema she restated what Robert H Schuller once said “Never cut a tree down in the winter time. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make important decisions when you are in worst moods. Wait be patient. The storm will pass, the spring will come.

TM Minal chose the Project 4 apt to the day “April Fool” She started with a story of how she fooled her son on April fools day and then she explained the idea behind April fool which is spreading happiness and joy not making someone sad. If we are able to spread joy and happiness by making some one fool or making fool of yourself then It’s worth this is the message behind celebrating April fools day and concluded by wishing everyone, evaluated by

TM Syamlal gave Project 4 on “An Interview that changed my Attitude” he described  about his Job interview where he was at the  beginning  not confident but with good preparation and friends encouragement he could able to land in job. He concluded with keep positive attitude always it will bring positive results, evaluated by

TM Senthil Kumar delivered his Advance Project 2 from Special occasion Speech was about father’s day where he praised about his father.

TM Senthil Kumar gave another Advance Project 2 from speeches by management was about giving feedback facilitator to give feedback to his subordinate.

Table Topic Master TM Aloris

General Evaluator TM Haneef Puttur

Best Speaker: TM Mahanshu                                                                                                               
Best Evaluator: TM Namrata Pandey                                                                                              
Best Table Topic: TM Prashanth                                                                                                             
Date: 29.04.2018                                                                                                                          
Next Meeting: 13.4.2018

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TM Shruthi Shetty