Minutes of the 297th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmasters Club
Pathway theme by TM Haneef Puttur
March 4th 2018

Meeting comprised with surprise where toastmasters learned about new Educational track called Pathway by Pathway Ambassador and Pathway Guide. TM Haneef being the TME for the first time after successfully completing the CC title conducted the meeting well Organised and flawless. Meeting started at 7:35 pm

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Md.Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rasheed to start the meeting.

Opening the meeting President emphasized that its the first meeting after the contest, he requested all IUTM toastmasters to support contestant in the next levels. He spoke about change in the educational track of Toastmasters through Pathway. The group of experts are formed for the smooth transition and will help to run old system and new system parallelly. He welcomed TM Haneef to steer the meeting.

TM Haneef generalized Pathway with examples, he says The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings. Sometimes adopting new technology may force to leave our comfort zone but it will help us in working smarter than working harder. He gave examples of History of India where introduction of Computer and Automobiles led to huge Protest in the beginning but today India is in the forefront from technology. Likewise at Toastmasters Pathway is a new approch it will help us to develop real-world, transferable skills in many different areas like Communication, leadership, management, strategic planning, service to others, public speaking and more.He called upon the speakers.

TM Kumarappan completed his CC with the Project 10 on “Can the work bring happiness”, He started with choose a job you will love then you do not need to work a day in life. He spoke about 4 factors to consider which can lead to wrong approach to work, 1.Are you following the herd instinct? 2. Is Money is the major factor 3.Family
pressure 4.Fear of failure. All these will lead to regrets like i never lived up to my expectations. He asked if you can convert work into worship whatever you do, it will keep you energized and motivated that is the right type of work, evaluated by TM Mohammed Asif

MTM Raja Jabir from Intilaaqa Club spoke about “Job Hunt” in her Project 3 Speaking to inform manual
She gave methods to apply during Job hunt 1. Clarify self-knowledge like values, interests, skills 2. Consider the personal factors like hours of work, travel limitation, physical demand, family situation 3. What do you want to do? 4.Refine your job search tools 5. Research 6.Networking 7.Establish a record keeping system. She concluded
with “Best jobs not only come for those who are qualified but who job hunt”, evaluated by TM Namrata Pandey

TM Senthil gave his speech on “Pareto Principle” in his advance Project 5 from speaking to inform manual, According to Pareto Principle 20% of input or activities are responsible for 80% of results. Hence effort is to be focused on the area pertaining to 20% For example if you have 10 activities to be completed to achieve your
goal , 2 activities would be very important. If a person can identify those 2 important activities and directs his effort towards it he can achieve 80% of goals. It was formulated by Juran, the quality guru, based on Italian economist, pareto’s mathematical formula.This enables us in deciding where to direct our effort / prioritizing, evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.

We had a Presentation conducted by Pathways Ambassador TM Devlal Sahadevan and Pathways Guide TM Ceanlia who introduced us to new journey of Toastmasters called “Pathways” its a new modern, highly engaging educational apparoach which is launched last year in California. Resources are available online. They asked all the Toastmasters to Login with the Username and Password before 20TH March.

GETTING STARTED: 3 key points  in Pathways
1.Navigator will be the guide.
2.Choose your path.
3.Base Camp.

It consists of 10 paths each path has 5 levels, every path starts with ice breaker. It allows you to do assessment based on your interest later it gives 3 options in that you have to choose 2 paths to achieve DTM. If you don’t want you still have the option to choose from other 7 paths.

The local support team for Pathways will be District leadership team, Chief Ambassador, Ambassador, Pathways guide. Each club will receive Navigator Memory Stick. The first 3 toastmasters who completes a path will get 3 pins. For more details please login to Toastmaster International Website.

TM Haneef concluded with his role and handed over the stage to President. TM Rasheed thanked TM Haneef for the amazing and well conducted meeting without any breaks on his first attempt as a Toastmaster of the evening and closed the meeting. Dinner served at 9:36pm.

Best Evaluator : TM Abidul Islam
No. of attendees: 21
Date : 04.03.2018

Congratulations for all the winners and role players.
See you all on 19.03.2018