294-Preparation for Club Contest

Minutes of the 294th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Preparation for Club Contest
January 21th 2018

We had a inspiring Educational preparation for the International and Table Topic contest and fabulous Table topic Session By Senior Toastmaster TM Mohamed Basheer. TM Senthil Kumar gave his Advanced Project.Meeting started at 7:35pm.

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Md.Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rasheed to start the meeting.

Opening the meeting TM Rasheed said As 14 day left for the Club Contest, EXCOM is ready for the contest and requested all the Toastmasters to actively participate which gives individual better exposure. He called upon TM Senthil Kumar for the speech.

TM Senthil Kumar spoke about “Multitasking” in his advance project 4 he says Brain cannot handle 2 things at a time it can only do multi switching. With this 40% of first activity comes down attention span comes down though we spend lots of energy we become unproductive. with Multitasking we enter auto pilot mode and damage brain cell. He urged to accept we cannot do multitasking, live in the present, delegate the things which is important, evaluated by TM Namratha.

Educational session on International Speech and Table Topics conducted by TM Mohamed Basheer

a.How to prepare: Involvement with presentation is the secret to win International speech contest, Winning = Plan      +  Focus + commitment +preparation.
Don’t fall in love with your script too rigidly to change, trust yourself don’t get carried away with the audience
Imagine yourself speaking at the World Championship of public speaking, you have written a speech from your            heart and you deliver the best performance of your life.
b.Fundamental principle which separates those who win-not gesture, not vocal, not overall delivery its PRACTISE.
c.The Winner’s Edge:Avoid focusing unnatural gestures and vocal variety, improve at every level, seek magic                   moments, end positive and end strong. Concentrate on recording rehearsals, timings, physical fitness and mental       toughness.

The challenge of Table Topic is structuring a response, to select a stratergy,to think what to say, dont short list the things not to do.
a.Purpose of Table Topics: To encourage development of impromptu speaking, to recognize the best, to observe and         learn.
b.Start with: Listen, Pause, Confirm, Speak, End.
c.Keys to Success: Don’t just hear be attentive, Resist speaking until ready, focus on what to say, agree/disagree with     question, use ready made dialog, give your brain a chance to refresh , add drama, avoid filler words, dazzle   audience with your reply, express only essential points, summarize, smile and make final eye contact.
d.Technique: Past Present Future, Problem Cause Solution.
Do’s: Use your imagination, Have fun, look at some one who is supportive, appear confident and smile, Read                newspapers, Walk like a winner shake hands like a winner.
Don’t: Apologize, Try to be too perfect, don’t repeat the topic, don’t look down , exaggeration, too loud too                     oration.

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM Mohammed Basheer where all the toastmasters were called upon with the topics like

1.Who do you love? and what are you doing about? – TM Mahanshu
2.What excites you about life – TM Shruthi
3.If you learn from our mistakes then why are we always so afraid to do mistakes? – TM Ranjit
4.What would you differently if you know no body would judge – TM Namrata
5.What makes you smile -TM Syamlal
6.Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength – TM Mohammed Asif
7.Stealing to feed a starving child wrong – TM Aslam
8.How do you deal with someone in power who wants you to fail-TM Haneef

President TM Rasheed encouraged everyone to give names, come prepared and participate in club level and to utilze this as learning opportunity to take the club to higher level and closed the meeting. Dinner served at 9:30pm.

No. of attendees: 15
Guest : 2
Date : 21.01.2018
Next Meeting : 04.02.2018

All the Best for the Annual Club level Contest