Minutes of the 287th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Diwali theme by TM Namrata Pandey
October 15th 2017


Meeting no. 287 was filled with many frabjous moments with lights, games, sweets and prizes on the Occasion of Diwali. Considering the festival season with the few number of Toastmasters meeting turned up to be great successful as most of them took 2 to 3 roles.
TME TM Namrata created a festival mood by decorating the venue with lights, distributed sweets, arranged games and prizes. All the Toastmasters enjoyed taking part in games. Meeting started at 7:45pm.

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Md.Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rasheed to start the meeting.
President very enthusiastically opened the meeting. He says every Toastmasters journey has a specific purpose in communication. He introduced a new role to TM Ketan Mhatre as Quality Assurance Officers to help and improve individual journey of Toastmaster. He welcomed Toastmaster of the evening TM Namrata who worked as teacher and also in Doordarshan, India and requested her to lead the meeting

Ever Smiling TME TM Namrata says The festivals of light being her favourite festival and it brings joy, brighten ups. Every year its celebrated during autumn between mid of Oct- Nov. Its believed that Lord Ram returned home after 14 years. He defeated demon King Ravan. People of Ayodhya were happy, decorated the whole town with lights and welcomed Rama. She mentioned Diwali is good time for shopping, family gathering and delicious food. She asked
all the role player to introduce their role.

Greet Master and Quiz Master TM Shruthi, Timer Seema Mittal, Ah Counter Mohammed Aslam, Grammarian TM Sajeevan all played an excellent role.

Thought of the evening by TM Mohammed Aslam he described the inimitable strength of humor, its the most effective and important ingredient to spice up the dish of life,He mentioned during difficult times adopt humor thus reach positivity and happiness

Word Master TM Prachi came up with a word related to Theme “Fete” meaning Festival,Celebration and well explained with examples like In my second year they asked me host an annual fete.

TM Dipak Soni delivered his project 3 on “Mind Power” and says subconscious mind is a powerful tool for miracle by giving the example of Guruji who can perform 100 activities at the same time. Mind always tries to put you in a comfortable place but you can reprogram and prepare your mind in 21 days through imagination and visualization, evaluated by TM Shruthi

TM Harsha gave her project 4 on “Facebook a Bitter Sweet” says Facebook if used correctly can be of great help. People don’t realize that Facebook is a social media and not the personal diary. Showed her concern how teenagers gets depressed if they don’t get expected number of likes. she concluded with the message “Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people, evaluated by TM Ketan Mhatre

TM Mohammed Asif in his Project 8 Shared knowledge about “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn”.He explained Learning is a change in behavior as a result of experience, Unlearning is about moving away from something,letting go rather than acquiring and relearning is to succeed today you must be in a constant state of adaptation. He concluded with Learn, Unlearn and Relearn to unlock your success in an uncertain, unpredictable and constant changing
environment, evaluated by TM Rasheed

Table Topic was conducted by TM Rajshekar who instantly selected the topics, displayed the leadership skills and power of experience. The topics covered were :Which was the most memorable Diwali?
Which is your favourite festivals?
TM Namrata, TM Seema, TM Sajeev, TM Aslam and Guest Abir jubilantly took part.

TM Namrata created a competitive session where every Toastmasters has to come up with as many sweets in 30 sec. Everyone took part, i felt  for that moment all  became like a child. I hope to have many more games sessions also in the coming meetings. TM Seema won the prize.

General Evaluation by TM Ketan Mhatre said meeting was extremely enjoyable, enthusiasm was high. Truth to the theme. Venue set up was in order, routine was perfect. Big round of applause for TM Namrata for coming up with the decoration, games and sweets.

TM Namrata concluded with her role and handed over the stage to President. TM Rasheed thanked and well appreciated for the innovative ideas by TM Namrata and closed the meeting.
Dinner served at 9:30pm.

Best Speaker : TM Dipak Soni
Best Evaluator : TM Ketan Mhatre
Best Table Topic: TM Namratha Pandey
No. of attendees: 12
Guest : 1
Date : 15.10.2017
Next Meeting : 29.10.2017

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.