Minutes of the 286th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Festive theme by TM Abidul Islam
October 1st 2017

We witnessed festive themed meeting no. 286 steered by TM Abidul Islam where he took us to festivals around the world and explained all the role player’s favorite festival and the reason. It was our pleasure to welcome Area Director TM Prometheus George who inspired us and shared area’s report. Meeting started at 7:38pm

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Md.Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rasheed to start the meeting.

President very enthusiastically opened the meeting. He spoke about the “meet and interact” with the World Champion of Public Speaking 2017, Manoj Vasudevan and highlighted the three milestones in public speaking 1.Β Me,myself, 2.Be a messenger 3. To connect with audience. He mentioned the toastmasters to utilize the opportunities by attending educational meetings and wished for awards in coming contest from IUTM club. He welcomed the dashing Toastmaster of the evening TM Abidul Islam to lead through the meeting.

As a TME TM Abidul informed about Konaki sumo festival from Japan where 2 two small babies are held by Sumo when the first baby cries it loses, one of the Korea’s most popular summer festivals “Mud festival”, Thailand’s monkey festivals where mass feeding fiesta takes place for more than 3000 monkeys and also La Tomatino, Spain and called all the role players to explain their role.

Greet Master TM Mohammed Aslam, Timer TM Seema Mittal, AH counter TM Sajeevan, Grammarian TM JayaKrishnan, Quiz master TM Syamlal all did their role to the best
TM Shruthi shared thought on “Festival”, She says Festivals are important to bind relations, it helps to connect to the roots and it uplifts the mood and fills you with positive energy, initiate fresh and new begining.
Word Master TM Dipak Soni introduce a powerful word “Elite” meaning The richest, most powerful, best educated or best-trained group in society well explained with sentences like An elite police unit will protect the players.

TM Minal Joshi brilliantly gave her Project 2 on “Pick a book and read it”, She showed her concern about today’s children and their screen time. She says even scientist don’t know the effect as this is the first generation, she urged all the parents to pick a book and read it which is well proven method. She mentioned there is no age to start reading even when baby in the womb you can start reading short stories. They think we are interacting with them, their
vocabulary, communication will improve. She shared her memory of reading “Graffalo” when her kid was a baby, evaluated by TM Rasheed.

TM Mahanshu humorously delivered Project 4 on “Not so rosy!” he relates Finding a Bride to the game of Mario which has many barrier to reach princess in his case its stars, horoscope as many wonderful girls went out of his reach. He classified the attitudes of father in laws like some are friendly who calls even at night, Spy father like
Sherlock Holmes and HR manager who always has personal recruitment questions. He explains girls are not less dangerous, they are demanding. He shows hope with all the roller coaster ride, he would finally reach the Princess, evaluated by TM Nader.

TM Kumarappan gave a message in his Project 7 about “Why sleep is required”, He says for wealth we are compensating on sleep. He explained different phases of sleep like there are 3 phases of NREM(Non Rapid Eye movement) which starts from eyes closed, light and deep sleep .REM is a deep sleep with eye movement and increased oxygen. For a good sleep everyday exercise for atleast 30 mins, control the mind and don’t drink coffee near bed time.He summarized by saying sleep ties body and mind together, it helps you bring health in turn wealth, evaluated by TM Ranjit

TM Mohamad Asif informed about “NRI Banking” while delivering his Project 7, He recalled an incident when he wanted to turn local account into NRO. He spoke about the benefits of NRE(Non Resident External) account as it is non taxabe, in NRO for interest tax in deducted. He informed FCNR(Foreign Currency Non Resident) account if you desire to hold in foreign currency in dollars, its like a fixed deposit, evaluated by TM Ketan.

Table topic Master TM Rajan Tawde brought the gifts like chocolates, biscuits and soap during the session as a topic. The speaker has to advertise the product and later speakers had the opportunities to take the gift home. TM Senthil Kumar, TM Prachi and guest amazingly marketed their products

Area director expressed his happiness in attending the IUTM club meeting and shared that the division has received complete renewal.He urged to bring more members to the club, contribute towards self growth to build stronger communicating society.

General evaluator TM Namrata said the meeting was flawless with beautiful facts from TME Abidul, interesting and informative speeches which covered child’s growth, Indian wedding, sleep and banking. She mentioned to provide educational sessions for new comers and to start the meeting on time.

TM Abidul concluded with his role and handed over the stage to President. TM Rasheed thanked and well appreciated for the ever rememberable meeting by TM Abidul Islam and closed the meeting.
Dinner served at 9:38pm.

Best Speaker : TM Mahanshu
Best Evaluator : TM Ketan Mahtre
Best Table Topic: TM Senthil Kumar
No. of attendees: 24
Guest : 2
Date : 1.10.2017
Next Meeting : 16.10.2017

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.