Minutes of the 285th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

Theme Delightful by TM Ketan

September 17, 2017


We witnessed a delightful 285 meeting steered by TM Ketan Mahtre who filled the meeting with good humor till the end, Toastmasters came up with 5 amazing speeches and as well the presence of DTM Anil Akkineni created powerful positive environment through out the meeting. Meeting started at 7:35 pm

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Md.Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rasheed to start the meeting.

President appreciated EXCOM officers and the members for achieving the first award by renewing membership of 25 members on 10th Sept and also thanked for setting up meetup, facebook and new agenda. He welcomed ever delightful TM Ketan to proceed the meeting.

TME Ketan Mahtre says life is made up of small pleasures, happiness is made up of those tiny successes like playing with kids, spending time with family. Small pleasures will make big ones.
TME Ketan conducted Induction for new member TM Seema Mittal where everyone took a pledge to help her on Toastmasters journey and TME called upon all role players.
Greet Master TM Mohammed Aslam, Timer TM Sajeev, AH counter TM Syamlal, Grammarian TM Minal Joshi, Quiz master TM Seema all did their role to the perfect.

TM Harsha came up with amazing thought on Delightful moment. She says every individual has delightful moments from birth till death so we should respond to these good moments in different way to maximize their positive effects i.e. Share your good feelings with others, take mental photograph, congratulate yourself, count your blessing and give thanks, avoid negative thoughts. She mentioned time flies quickly we should relish those moments so that in future whenever we look back we will have good memories.

Word Master TM Jayakrishnan introduced a beautiful word ‘SERENITY’ meaning state of being calm, peaceful with example like the goal of meditation is to reach a state of serenity.

TM Dipak delivered his Project 2 on “Inspirational Entrepreneur” He narrated an incident from the Europe visit where he met a guy who was illiterate and everyone was making fun of him. Later came to know that he was a CEO of a company with lots of challenges he reached till there. TM Dipak inspired us with a miraculous
story on how a monkey turns into a Princess. He concluded with Swami Vivekananda quote “Take up one idea make that idea your life” and also shared his dream of becoming an CEO, evaluated by TM Ranjit.

TM Mahanshu gave his Project 3 on “Lead Yourself” he says leaders indirectly lead through ideas.
He gave tips to improve leadership skills i.e. 1.Self awareness as we all have some blind spots, any motivation the initial enthusiasm fades away soon, 2. Self Reflection, 3.Self Regulation through pause and rate systemize, meditation. He gratefully said World needs leaders be one among them, evaluated by TM Rasheed

TM Haneef Puttur covered the topic “Passion into profits” in his Project 7 where he came up with ideas on how to utilize internet and asked everyone to start writing a free blog on their interest like cooking and share in social media. He shared information about WordPress and some others like who has photography passion can upload snaps in shutterstock.com, to take private online/offline at myprivatetutor.ae and even introduced to domain names which has huge market. He completed with a strong message “Be smart work hard until you no need to introduce to anyone”, evaluated by TM Mohammed Basheer.

TM Alok Mishra Project 7 on “Microfinance”, its a type of banking service that is provided to groups who otherwise have no other access to financial services. He spoke about Noble Prize winning Economist Muhammed Yunus who shaped modern day microfinance called Grameen bank to help eradicated poverty in Bangladesh.
TM Alok shows hope in microfinance which has a professional touch in a positive ways. It will help in deciding our profession, selecting the living and happily said Look all the World as a birthday cake, take your piece and microfinance, evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.

TM Namrata in her Advance Project 2- Speak to inform manual came up with a healthy topic on “Vitamin D” which is also called SunShine Vitamin. She shared her personal experience as to how lack of vitamin D led her to knee pain. She explained how vitamin D is produced, the reason for not having sufficient amount are dark skin, age, overweight, not eating much fish and milk, far from equator, always using sun screen and also the symptoms like fatigue and tiredness, bone and back pain, depression, hair loss. She shared Vitamin D is necessary to absorb calcium and phosphorus for this we need in a day 400-800 IU/day or 10-20 microgram and she summarized saying “Please go out and eat healthy to realize dreams”, evaluated by TM SenthilKumar

Table Topic session was conducted by TM Shruthi she chose topics related to delightful like
1. Do you celebrate the things you have?
2. What makes you smile?
3. What is your happiest memory?
4. What makes a person beautiful?
5. What does your joy look like today?
6. If you could live one day of your life over again, what day would you choose?
DTM Anil, TM Rajan, TM Kumarappan happily took part in Table topic sessions

General Evaluation by TM Rajshekar, he congratulaled the speaker for coming up with wonderful speeches which had take home values. He applauded TME Ketan for conducting
induction and perfectly reading out the pledge, keeping with good humor while introducing speeches, role players.
The Special appearance of DTM Anil inspired everyone and said he was happy to see his favourites in action. He mentioned the meeting combined with young and senior was
very lively. He asked everyone to take help of mentors and continue with toastmasters journey for the growth as individuals.

TME Ketan concluded with his role and handed over the stage to President. President TM Rasheed thanked and well appreciated
for doing a fabulous job as a TME and closed the meeting.
Dinner served at 10:05 pm.

Best Speaker : TM Mahanshu Parashar
Best Evaluator : TM Senthil Kumar
Best Table Topic: DTM Anil Akkineni
Date : 17.9.2017
Next Meeting : 01.10.2017

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.


About the Author:

TM Shruthi Rajesh Shetty ,  holder of Bachelor of Engineering in TeleCommunication from Kalpatharu Institute of Technology, Tiptur. Previously she worked as Software Engineer at Accenture India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. Currently serving as Secretary, Inner Universe Toastmaster Club, Abu Dhabi.