We witnessed an amazing Festival themed meeting led by TM Namratha where Greet Master Mohammed Aslam greeted everyone before start of the meeting and wonderful flower decoration was made on the occasion of festival Onam. Meeting started at 8:00pm.
President TM Rasheed and acting President of  NMC Chapter TM John Surya opened the meeting. President conveyed their wishes on the occasion of festivals and called upon our ever Smiling TM Namratha to steer the meeting.
TME Namratha chose “Too much” as theme of the meeting. She spoke about how making lots of decision leads to decision fatigue. Many times good decision happens early in the day giving the example of a court scene, how a judge’s decision will likely to be favorable in the morning as compared to later in the day.

TM Md. Aslam shared Thought of the evening  on the life of a giant, brave boy where society turns him into ordinary man as he grows up. He encouraged everyone to figure out childhood dreams and chase it.

TME called upon all the role player to explain their role
Ah counter TM Rajesh, Timer TM Jayakrishnan, Greet master TM Md. Aslam, Quiz Master TM Syamlal all performed their role to perfect
Word Master TM Syamlal shared and well explained the word “PREDOMINANTLY” meaning mostly, mainly, chiefly with examples like His audience consists predominantly of group of rugby club revellers.

TM Deepak Soni delivered ice breaker speech started with bang as he says he likes to hang out with positive, like minded people. His father was a Principal and mother a home maker lived in a Haveli(Indian mansion) with 17 rooms. Born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and the youngest of Siblings. He was good at studies, enjoyed school and childhood. He did Chemical Engineering and graduated first class with distinction. He is married to Deepti
has 2 kids boy and girl. He is working at ADMA since 2005, evaluated by TM Raj Shekar.

TM Minal Joshi started her journey too with best Speech Icebreaker born in Pune. She has completed Post Graduation in Human Resource and has worked in Infosys BPO. She likes eating, singing, travelling, cycling. She recalled with father she traveled a lot and stayed in different cities likes Pune, Indore, Vadodara. She is happy
to have husband who shares same passion of travelling. She shared an incident when they been to Thailand and it was on the go planning.Before travelling she likes to refer Facebook, Zomato and google map too, evaluated by MTM Mousheme.

TM Haneef Puttur gave Project 6 on “Viruses are free” started with questions about Viruses and we received mixed answers. later he described Virus as piece of code  which runs without our knowledge. He mentioned how the first virus started and how it encouraged Cyber criminal to find a new business area. He explained different types of Viruses like Malware, Adware, Scareware, spyware, ransomware. He urged everyone to Be smart and to be Safe against Virus, evaluated by TM Benjamin.

TM Senthil Kumar delivered Advance Project from Entertaining Manual-Project 5. He brilliantly compared recent movie Bahubali to historic Indian Prince Bahubali. He took us to 9th century where King Rishabhanatha who had 100 son. After King all his 98 sons were willing to give the empire to elder brother but the youngest of all
Bahubali didn’t oblige. They had 3 contest, in all the younger one won later he felt humiliated and became monk. He perfectly related to the Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence and the element to manage them are self awareness, managing awareness, recognizing emotion, manage emotions in others by being emphatic, interact smoothly with others, evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.

TM Senthil Kumar also gave Advanced Project Leadership taking Leadership excellence series on Resolving conflict. He explained how conflicts occurs in a family and how to identify, resolve in a matured way and types of conflicts. Shared methods for resolving like ignore it, smooth it over, force, compromise, collaboration and also explained about brainstorming method like write down all the ideas, evaluate positive and negative. summarized with “A leader must resolve conflict”, written evaluation
by TM Rajshekar.

TM Namratha concluded with her role and handed over the stage to Presidents. Presidents of both the club thanked and well appreciated for doing a fabulous job as a TME and also thanked TM Syamlal, TM Md. Aslam, TM Jayakrishnan who came 50 min prior to meeting who made floral decoration. They suggested
to improve the look and feel of agenda and closed the meeting.

Dinner served at 10:05 pm.

Best Speaker : TM Minal Joshi
Best Evaluator : TM Mousheme
Date : 04.9.2017
Next Meeting : 17.9.2017

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.

About the Author:

TM Shruthi Rajesh Shetty

Secretary, Inner Universe Toastmaster Club, Abu Dhabi

holding Bachelor of Engineering in TeleCommunication from                                                                                                     Kalpatharu Institute of Technology, Tiptur.

As worked as Software Engineer at Accenture India Pvt Ltd,                                                                                                        Bangalore