Meeting no.283 was filled with both rejoice and emotional moments. Toastmasters shared their rejoiceful times and one of the founder of inner Universe Toastmaster TM. Bharath Khatri gave timely good bye and moving India. We had a combined meeting with NMC group and guest from Intilaaqh Toastmaster gave her Project also. Meeting started at 8:10.

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Tarun Tejwani opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited Presidents of both the club to start the meeting.
President TM Rasheed described the meeting with NMC is a memorable experience and the synergy always reaches to peak. He welcomed the senior TM Benjamin Antony to lead the meeting. TME Benjamin shared his rejoiceful moments when he booked the Air tickets for his parents and once he got surprise upgrade to Business class while travelling in flight. He called up all the role player to explain their duty.
Ah counter TM Md. Aslam, Timer TM Shruthi, Greet master TM Dipak Soni, Quiz Master TM Sajeev all performed their role to perfect.

Thought of the evening was shared by TM Shruthi. She described rejoice, the difference between rejoice, happiness and how giving thanks  will always leads to rejoice.
Word Master TM Dipak Soni well explained the word “Rejoice” means feel or show great joy or delight with example like The children will rejoice after they open their holiday gifts.

TM Tarun Tejwani gave project 2 on 3R-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle using example of ball of paper and plastic water bottle. He came up with list of things and their decomposable time. He urged everyone to use uneaten food, peels of vegetables for flower pots and informed  about Emirates environmental groups UAE which recycles products, evaluated by TM Mohamad Asif.

TM Syamlal happily delivered his project 3 on “Happiness”. He well explained health, money, relation, contentment are the basic things for happiness. He gave few tips to be happy like wake up early, exercise, help others, learn new things, live in present, evaluated by TM Mousheme.

TM Praveen Balan delivered his advanced project on “Leadership” he says we are all in a team, none are leaders, leaders can be improved. Surprisingly he asked toastmasters to divide into 3 groups and demonstrated a team building game which highlighted the importance to develop a plan, assign roles and responsibility, train the team, written evaluation by TM Senthil.

Guest MTM Raja Jabir gave her project 6 on “Finding yourself” She amazingly explained everyone has a gift like some are good at problem solving while others are good communicator. To find yourself she asked to look at hobbies, past or even childhood achievements, what was the will and talent required at that point. Once you know connect with you, understand and put in action. She concluded Finding yourself means “The day that you are born and the day you will know yourself”, evaluated by TM Lancy

General evaluation by TM RajShekar. He appreciated all the role players and mentioned during power point usage the podium should be set so that everyone could maintain eye contact.
This news is regretful as we had send off session for one of the founder of Inner Universe Toastmaster TM Bharat Khatri. Under his guidance our club flourished for 12 years. Our fellow Toastmasters expressed their thoughts and applauded for his role as Founder, President, Area Director, several levels in Division. They described him as Gem of a person, good evaluator and inspiration to all.
TM Bharat Khatri said The only constant is change, that’s how we grow. He is happy to make wonderful friends in Toastmasters club. He thanked everyone and conveyed timely Good bye to meet again.

TM Benjamin concluded with his role and handed over the stage to President. Presidents of both the club thanked and well appreciated for doing a fabulous job as a TME and closed the meeting.
Dinner served at 10:05 pm.

Best Speaker : MTM Raja Jabir
Best Evaluator : TM Mousheme
Date : 21.8.2017
Next Meeting : 04.9.2017

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.

 About the Author:

TM Shruthi Rajesh Shetty

Secretary, Inner Universe Toastmaster Club, Abu Dhabi

holding Bachelor of Engineering in TeleCommunication from                                                                                                     Kalpatharu Institute of Technology, Tiptur.

As worked as Software Engineer at Accenture India Pvt Ltd,                                                                                                        Bangalore