Presidents Message

Greetings of peace,

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Club Members, I have pleasure in welcoming you to IUTM Club Website. The focus of Toastmasters conceptually is to enhance Public Speaking Skills and the slogan of Toastmasters “Where Leaders are Made” speaks for itself.

Many people say “Leaders are born” but few believe that “Leaders are made”. What do you believe?

At Inner Universe Toastmasters, we do not limit ourselves to any specific idea and each member through his/ her structured projects achieves academic goals which result in a personality which is enhanced in communication and leadership skills. This is a simple yet effective way in which we are largely able to develop an individual and make a leader out of the common person.

While assuming various roles in our meetings and events we utilise the growth potential and in a very subtle manner, we nurture each other constructively giving us a positive learning experience.

We hope you take time to browse through the resourceful information on this website and elsewhere on the web and as they say ‘seeing is believing’ so we invite you to one of our meetings as a guest and see for yourself how the meeting progresses and whether you see yourself becoming a part of us rather than  apart of us, i am sure if you become a part of our Club then in your personal and professional life, you will surely be able to set yourself apart from the masses.

All the best and hope to see you at our club soon.