Presidents Message

Inner Universe Toastmasters Club, as one of the oldest and vibrant clubs in Abu Dhabi, believes in excellence in all we do as Toastmasters. It strives to be pioneer in providing a highly inclusive and enabling platform to members to grow and flourish as Toastmasters as well as Individuals in their own right. In IUTM, we have inherited a proud legacy of excellence, be as communicators or leaders, and our 14 consistent years as Presidents Distinguished Club awards bears testimony to this unique legacy. We, as a Club pledge ourselves to relentless pursuit for Self-Improvement, while enjoying the process itself.

Let’s make Inner Universe Toastmasters Club a beacon of aspirations, hope and accomplishments for all.  This is one place, we all can call our emotional home, where we feel the warmth of mutual respect, the joy of learning together and most importantly the sheer exhilaration of growing together. Let’s make this Club, even greater!