Minutes of the Meeting No. 415 – Stillness

Minutes of the 415th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

Joint Meeting with PSME Abu Dhabi and Friends TMC

Stillness theme by TM Elroy Vaz

Minutes by TM Elroy Vaz

The club membership convened on Tuesday 30th August 2022, with TM Shruthi Shetty as Presiding officer presiding. Members present were: Vice President Education, Vice President, Vice President Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, member names. Members absent were: TM Prasad, TM Jitesh.

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Irfan Shaikh opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Shruthi Shetty to start the meeting

In her Presidential address MTM Shruthi Shetty welcomed all the IUTM Toastmasters and also PSME Abu Dhabi and Friends Club to the second hybrid meeting of this year and asked the members- Every Toastmasters meeting is different and unique when it’s a Joint meeting that will be an amalgamation of fun and learning as every club has its own charm and charisma and welcomed President TM Edgar Barrozo of PSME to open the Joint meeting where he shared his happiness of collaboration and fun facts about that day.

TM Shruthi invited the Vibrant TM Elroy who loves to travel around the Globe to take the meeting preceedings forward.

  • Toastmaster of the Day: TM Elroy Vaz brought out the theme of Silence with a tale from the East, an exchange between the King and the Spiritual Master in his kingdom. He went on to narrate how Silence is something beyond Words and thoughts. Through imagery and a story, he narrated how to experience this silence.
  • Table Topics master: TM Murari came up with creative scenarios for each of the table topics participants
  • General Evaluator: DTM Ashit very crisply asked the club to have the Sgt at Arms open the meeting, He praised the role players for effectively carrying out their roles esp. Ah Counter and Quiz Master.
  • Evaluators: TM Edgar evaluated Pankaj; TM Alok evaluated TM Irfan, TM Pratibha evaluated
  • Grammarian: TM Rakshita played this role
  • Ah-Counter: TM Shabnam crisply pointed the Uhs and Ahhs of all the role players, speakers and evaluators.
  • Quiz Master: TM Kumarappan V.
  • Timer: Timing was ably handled by TM Jerry Damian  
  • Sergeant at Arms- TM Irfan Shaikh
  1. Prepared speeches were presented:
  • TM Pankaj Rangari gave his Ice breaker. L1 He traced memories of his childhood, an exchange he had with his Biology teacher in school who explained to him his name. His struggles whilst growing up, how he met his adorable wife 30 years ago. He urged members to plant the tree of humanity/ brotherhood/fraternity
  • TM Irfan Shaikh gave his L1 P1 on No Excuses. He stressed on the need to have self-discipline which is way beyond excuses.

TM Albert Damo gave his L3 P1 on the Power of networking. He stressed the need to maintain existing relationships, in a Platform of Collaboration. He attended an event organized by the Philippines Society for Mechanical engineers. 

  • Table Topics® questions were presented:
  • TM Shruthi answered the question, “Customer Service scenario very aptly
  • TM Rakshita answered the question, “Super Mom balancing work and home with anecdotes from her own experience
  • Evaluations were presented:

TM Edgar evaluated TM Pankaj affirming him for his demonstrated natural style of speaking. Though it was an ice breaker, he praised him for his vocal variety, clear diction which made his speech understandable. He also congratulated Pankaj for his eye contact and gestures. He suggested that he pause and breathe, that would enable him to deliver his future speeches with more impact.

TM Alok was happy that TM Irfan spoke crisply on the three different levels of success. He praised Irfan for showing ways to take care of our own happiness. He recommended that he could have spoken more at length, avoided notes and practice. He wished him well and acknowledged his confidence.

TM Pratibha evaluated TM Albert Damo applauding him for explaining clearly how there is power in networking. She further emphasized that she was very impressed with his story telling style. The manner in which he shared and learned how to add members to his network. She felt he was confident and full of emotion. She advised him to have interacted with the audience, that would have definitely validated his speech.

  • Reports from members with meeting roles were provided:
  • Timer: TM Jerry accurately presented the timing reports for different segments of the meeting
  • Ah-counter:  TM Shabnam carefully mentioned all the members present the inappropriate use of Uhhs and AAhs
  • Grammarian:TM Rakshita presented the Grammarian role.
  • General Evaluator: DTM Ashit asked the audience if they liked the meeting and waited for responses. He asked the Sergeant at Arms to start the meeting as per protocol. He asked the Greet Master to play her role as per Toastmasters conventions. He praised the Quiz Master, Ah Counter and other role players, with a Kudos. He suggested to be mindful of the handover and take overs at different segments of the meeting.
  • Club awards were presented:
  • Best Evaluator: TM Pratibha Tiwari, TM Edgar Barrozo
  • Best Table Topics: TM Rakshita Rangari.
  • Best Speaker: TM Pankaj Rangari, TM Albert Damo
  • Club Specific Awards: [Member Name].
  • Reports from club officers and committees were provided:
  • TM Kumarappan asked 3 questioned from the meetings other reports were held due to very limited time on hand
  • Unfinished and new items of club business were discussed from the floor:
  • TM Shruthi encouraged all members to pay their dues for the new term by Sunday 11th September 2022.

The Joint Meeting adjourned at 9.20pm by TM Shruthi Shetty and TM Edgar Barrozo as dinner was served in the Business Lounge area of the Club and was closing by 9.45pm.

_______Shruthi Shetty____________

                                           President                         Date 10th Sep 2022

________Elroy Vaz ________________

Secretary                             Date 10th Sep 2022