Minutes of the Meeting No. 412 – Invest in Yourself

‘Invest in Yourself’ theme by TM Deepti Tak

Minutes by TM Elroy Vaz

19th July 2022  

Venue:   Virtual Zoom Meeting

Meeting Time:  7.30 P.m.

Presiding Officer:  MTM Shruthi Shetty                                                                   

Theme of the DayInvest in yourself
TMOD:                MTM Deepti Tak
Word of The DayReckon (Meaning: to count, compute, take into consideration )
Total Number of IUTM Participants13
Total Number of Guests1

Meeting Responsibilities

Thought for the DayTM Pratibha Tiwari
Greet MasterTM Rakshita Rangari
TimerTM Prasad Bartake
Ah CounterTM Elroy Vaz
GrammarianTM Sabnam Saiyed
Quiz MasterTM Rakshita Rangari
Word MasterTM Shruthi Shetty
General EvaluationTM Alok Mishra
  • Toastmaster of the Day: TM Deepti was cordially introduced by MTM President Shruthi. TM Shruthi stated that this meeting marks the 200th day of the year and we hardly have 165 days left for 2022 to come to an end. So we have to make all out efforts to sign up for speeches and roles in the meeting. TM Deepti was introduced by Shruthi. She has taught us mind maps.
  1. Prepared speeches were presented:
  • TM Nancy Roji – Icebreaker
  • TM Irfan Shaikh – Icebreaker –
  • Table Topics® questions were presented:

       The session was creatively let by Rajshekhar CV, DTM. He invited participants on the virtual stage and asked them to speak on a proverb, quote he stated.

  • MTM Shabnam was asked to speak on What does she think she has not invested in?
  • MTM Rakshita responded to “If you can’t love yourself how can you love someone else” which she enthusiastically replied.
  • Always be first rate version of yourself not second rate which was articulated well by MTM Yasmeen
  • MTM Pratibha reiterated her experience of Most exhausting thing in life is being insincere.
  • TM Jinson cheerfully gave us his insight on “Just be yourself”
  • Evaluations were presented:
  • Shameema,DTM evaluated the Ice breaker of TM Nancy. She praised her being a woman of substance and keeping everyone in good books. She affirmed her for the use of good catchy phrases “Want to be a drop in the ocean of education”, for her very confident delivery and clarity in her thoughts. She encouraged Nancy to use the camera appropriately especially the floor area whilst talking online
  • TM Elroy evaluated the ice breaker of TM Irfan. He commended him on breaking up his speech into three parts. He vividly described his journey from childhood to date which was quite relatable. Elroy suggested that he works with his mentor on this Grammar, speech flow and overall impact.
  • [Member Name] evaluated the speech from [Member Name].
  • Reports from members with meeting roles were provided:
  • Timer: TM Prasad carefully monitored the proceedings and stated the rules for each segment
  • Ah-counter: TM Elroy pointed the uhhs and aahs of members present
  • Grammarian: Key: MTM Sabnam adroitly pointed the incorrect usage of grammar and gave the exact correct placement of sentences.
  • General Evaluator: TM Alok Mishra commended all the role players, speakers and evaluators for the wonderful meeting. He praised MTM Deepti for steering the meeting very calmly. He recommended that the meeting starts on time.

Right through the meeting MTM Deepti asked members how they invested in themselves. DTM Shameema said she invested in positivity despite her surgeries and other setbacks she stays positive. TM Elroy says he invests in travelling to different countries interacting with variety of cultures. Reading and doing online courses. TM Prasad stated that he invests in his tone of voice.

  • Club awards were presented:
  • Best Evaluator: Shameema Ahmed, DTM
  • Best Table Topics TM Rakshita Rangari
  • Best Speaker: TM Nancy Roji
  • Club Specific Awards: [Member Name].
  • Reports from club officers and committees were provided:
  • Word Master-TM Shruthi explained how many members used the word “reckon” and how it can be used daily.
  • President Opening and Closing remarks. In her opening address TM Shruthi asked members if they had AED 86,4000 and it got depleted from their account daily how they would use it? She got a whole lot of interactions, she wound up the meeting stating that it was encouraging in the peak of summer to have 14 participants.
  • All members present praised MTM Deepti for making an impactful meeting
  • Unfinished and new items of club business were discussed from the floor:
  • MTM Namrata urged all club officers to attend the upcoming COT either online or in person.

Meeting adjourned at 9.45pm.

TM Shruthi Shetty                               19th July 2022

President                                                         Date

Elroy Vaz ______                               19th July 2022 

Secretary                                                         Date