Minutes of the meeting – 355

The club meeting was convened on 07.06.2020 and was opened by the President TM Abidul Islam.  The President introduced the TME TM Namrata Pandey. The theme of the meeting was COVID 19. We deliberated on how the ongoing pandemic has affected our lives, the positives and the negatives. In the thought for the day TM Rasesh Shah shared the view that this pandemic has taught us the importance of digital literacy.

  1. Members with meeting roles were introduced:
  • Toastmaster of the Day: TM Namrata Pandey
  • Thought fur the day: TM Rasesh Shah
  • Table Topicsmaster: TM Shruthi Shetty
  • General Evaluator: TM Mohmad Asif
  • Grammarian: TM Ranjit Nair
  • Ah-Counter: TM Mohammad Aslam
  • Timer: TM Kumarappan
  • Quiz Master: TM Shafiullah Ismail
  • Word Master; TM Vivek Surange, word of the day was exuberance.
  • Prepared speeches were presented:
  • Pathways Icebreaker DTM Shameema
  • L1 P3 TM Yashashree
  • L2 P3 TM Mohmad Asif
  • AS TM Promotheus George ( guest speaker )
  • Table Topics® master was TM Shruthi Shetty
  • Evaluations :
  • DTM Shameema’s speech was evaluated by TM Shahjahan.
  • TM Yashashree’s speech was evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.
  • TM Mohmad Asif’s speech was evaluated by DTM Shameema.
  • TM Promotheus Geogre’s speech was evaluated by TM Mohammad Basheer
  • All the role players presented their reports
  • TM Ranjit gave a very crisp general evaluation about use of mentimeter for polling, use of virtusl screens etc.
  • Club awards were presented:
  • Best Evaluator: DTM Shahjahan
  • Best Table Topics: TM Nancy and TM Vivek
  • Best Speaker: TM Yashashree

The meeting was adjourned at 9.45 pm.

President TM Abidul Islam                             Date 07.06.2020