Minutes of the Meeting.340 – Contest to Express

Minutes of the 340th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

‘Contest to Express’ by TM Harsha Waghe and TM Shajahan

Minutes by TM Preetha Narayan

November 15, 2019

The 340th meeting of the IUTM in 2019-2020,wonderfully steered by the — TM Harsha Waghe and TM Shajahan. It was opened by The President TM Abidul Islam at 7:40 pm. Meeting began with  TM Nancy’s call to order. President Abidul Islam  introduced TM Harsha Waghe. TM Harsha Waghe made sure that the chief Judge for the contest and the judging panels are readyintroduced the role players for the day, timer TM Sruti and Tally Counter Tm Preetha   Followed by the briefing by the Chief Judge about the Contests and the contestants. TM Harsha introduced the International Speech  Contest rules.

TM Harsha Waghe called TM Shivakrishna. He gave his first speech in IUTM about his life experience in a company and detailed how his attitude towards the customers lead to a higher level of achievement. TM Yashashree’s innocent and flawless delivery of speech can be briefed in and around the quote ‘Why Me?’  TM Nancy addressed the audience with mesmerizing thoughts on the topic ‘believe in me’. TM Rajan articulated his speech with a prop, an umbrella, and how to overcome a problem with adequate solution. He shared the Umbrella- dog formula which helped him to escape from the awful childhood circumstances. After each speech there was a one minute break to allow the judges to mark the points accurately.

TM Shajahan conducted the table topic contest session with ease and expertise. Briefing of the rules, selection of one topic out of the four, given by the chief judge, briefing of the timing rules and tally mark counting,  readiness of the judges were immaculately addressed. 10 contestants took part in the contest, and furnished the audience with ten different perspective of a given topic ‘Life is too short to hate any one’ .TM Sruti. TM Ranjit Nair, TM Ramakrishnan, TM Vivek, TM Mohamed Aslam, TM Murari, Guest for the day Archa, TM Yashshree and TM Snehal participated with great enthusiasm.

TM Shajahan on behalf of the contest chair concluded the mock speech contest.  TM Harsha announced the Results of the International Speech Contest and TM Shajahan announced the result of the Table Topic Contest.The President appreciated the TM Namratha and TM Shameema for their ministration. The meeting ended with the closing remarks of the President of IUTM, TM Abidul Islam by 9.35 pm.  The dinner was served at 9:40 pm.

Best Speaker for International Speech: TM Nancy Roji

Best Table Topic Contest Speaker: TM Ranjit Nair

No of attendees: 18   No of guests: 3

Next Meeting: 24.11.19                         

Congratulations to the winners and all the role players!!