Minutes of the Meeting No. 413 – Toastmasters is a way of life

Minutes of the 413th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

Toastmasters is a way of life theme by TM Namrata Pandey

Minutes by TM Elroy Vaz

Meeting Date:       2nd August 2022                                            Venue:   Virtual Zoom Meeting

Meeting No:          413                                                           Meeting Time:  7.30 P.m.

Presiding Officer: TM Shruthi Shetty                                     Minutes Prepared by: TM Elroy Vaz

President TM Shruthi Shetty

         VP PR     TM Pratibha   +97150-8426354

Theme of the DayToastmasters as a way of Life
TMOD:                 TM Namrata Pandey
Total Number of IUTM Participants 12

Meeting Responsibilities

Thought for the DayTM Shruthi Shetty -Connecting with others thoughts
Greet MasterTM Pankaj B R
TimerTM Shruthi Shetty
Ah CounterTM Pankaj B R
GrammarianTM Deepti Tak
Quiz MasterTM Namrata Pandey
Word MasterTM Rakshita Rangari
Word of the DayContemplate  (Meaning:is deep reflective thought )
General EvaluationTM Alok Mishra

President’s Remarks: TM Shruthi welcomed members and guests. She recollected an incident when she first joined Toastmasters how the General Evaluator role was just assigned to her by TM Abidul and she just plunged into action and lucidly presented the General evaluation for that meeting. Emphasizing the importance of being at the Right place to enhance the skill with Example of Camel at Desert and Zoo. She said Toastmasters is the right place to advance the necessary skills not only during meetings and also beyond the meeting. She shared the District PR awards and urged members to actively participate. She warmly introduced TM Namrata the Toastmaster of the evening acknowledging her contribution to the club, Area and now Division.

TME TM Namrata Pandey astounded the members by elaborating how Toastmasters is a forum for practice in a different format. She later began to describe how one can integrate Toastmasters with one’s life.

Prepared speeches were delivered by TM Murari Singh, TM Nancy Roji  and TM Deepti Tak astonished the members with their profound words.

TM Murari gave his L2P2 project Communicate before you get older wherein he pointed out that all communication styles are equally valuable and that there isn’t one best style. He further stressed that one must ask questions, observe reactions, and listen actively. By tuning yourself to identify and understand each style one understands the subtleties in people’s communication. His speech was evaluated by TM Elroy

TM Nancy delivered her L1P2 on “It’s the Journey not the destination” Project.  She spoke about her life journey in the school and toastmasters. The learnings drawn, hardships and special moments she encountered. She asked members to reflect on the Destination they are headed. Finally concluded by a metaphor of Destinations being service stations.  Her speech was evaluated by TM Murari

TM Deepti gave a reflection on the Path she just completed Presentation Mastery pathway. She reflected on the last 15 speeches she gave. Showed us how from a web designer who couldn’t start a speech, how she overcame her fears and concerns of what the audience would respond. To her current day progress of confidently delivering speeches. She did remorse that she did not have many kind conversations with herself. Her speech was evaluated by DTM Shameema

A very engaging quiz was conducted MTM Namrata Pandey of the origins of Toastmasters, the current and past leadership and where Toastmasters is headed. Members were vying with each other to get the correct response. 

Table Topics is, in itself, a crucial element of Toastmasters. It allows us to think on our feet and improve our improvisation skills. Aimed to hone this ability, Table topics session was conducted by TM Shruthi Shetty.

  1. TM Rakshita spoke on which recent hobby inspired you?
  2. TM Jinson spoke on “Who inspires you the most?”
  3. TM Pankaj spoke on “What makes you smile?”

TM Judith Serrao presented a crisp and valuable general evaluation. She affirmed members for starting the meeting on time. Role players were praised for doing a good job. She invited TM Deepti to focus more on how she overcame obstacles.

Madam President TM Namrata Pandey closed the meeting after the result declaration at 9.45 P.m.

Best Speaker:                       TM Nancy Roji

Best Evaluator:                     TM Elroy Carmo Vaz

Best Table Topic Speaker:  TM Rakshita Rangari

Congratulations to the winners and all the role players.

No of attendees: 12

Next Meeting:     30.08.2022

TM Shruti Shetty                                     22nd August 2022

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TM Elroy Vaz                                           22th August 2022

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