Minutes of Regular Meeting No 377- Impromptu Speaking

The truth is, life is a series of presentations. And if you think about it, most of those presentations are unscripted

Meeting Date:        11th April 2021                                                 Venue:   Virtual Zoom Meeting

Meeting No:           377                                                                  Meeting Time:  7.30 P.m.

Presiding Officer:  TM Namrata Pandey                                        Minutes Prepared by: TM Nancy Roji

Theme of the DaySpeech Crafting- It is all about them
TMOD:                DTM Rajsekhar
Word of The DayAlluring  (Meaning:having a strongly attractive or enticing quality)
Total Number of IUTM Participants17
Total Number of GuestsNo

Meeting Responsibilities

Thought for the DayTM Kumarappan
Greet MasterTM Mohammed Asif
TimerTM Deepti Tak
Ah CounterTM Rashesh
GrammarianTM Shabnam
Quiz MasterTM Rajan Tawde
Word MasterTM Mohammed Asif
General EvaluationTM Dipak Soni

Committee Report: IUTM’s 377th meeting was conducted on 11h April 2021 under the guidance of Madam President TM Namrata Pandey based on the theme Speak Impromptu with confidence. It was an astounding meeting loaded with the messages that how to be confident while doing impromptu speeches and the meeting has equipped with abundance of learning takeaways. The meeting clock knocked all the way by the stance of 17 IUTM members. The call of the evening instilled the spirit of members’ exuberant dedication, leadership, discipline, commitment, team spirit and coordination in the digital platform.

The Meeting declared as opened byPr. TM Namrata Pandey at 7.35P.M. After the call of order by TM Nancy Roji. The merriment of meeting eve was captained by our senior educationist DTM Rajasekhar. He introduced the instinct levels of impromptu speaking. Impromptu speeches intended to help members to develop their ability to organize their thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question or topic.  

TM Kumarappan empowered the members with his powerful words of wisdom through ‘The Thought for the Day’ wherein he explained, the value and benefit of compassion especially in the Holy month of Ramadan. We should recognize the suffering of others and then take action to help them. Compassion embodies a tangible expression of love for those who are suffering.

Prepared speech was delivered by TM Elroy.  The core content of his speech was motivation, its importance, sense of identity and development.  Motivation always stimulates people to take actions to accomplish their goals.   DTM Basheer evaluated his speech.

The major activity of the day was an Educational Session lead by TME, DTM Rajsekhar. He added another golden feather to the cap of IUTM in the series of successful workshops. DTM Rajsekhar Enlightened the members with aureate words of learning and taught the members how to be confident while giving impromptu speeches. The tools and techniques were distinctly informed by facilitator in the Educational session.

Table Topics session was aligned to the Theme of the day and the members experienced to do impromptu speaking in the context of real life situations. TM Murari, TM Deepak, TM Asif, TM Shruti, TM Namrata, and TM Elroi actively participated in the table topic session.

The General Evaluation brought detailed by TM Shajahan. He analyzed all the positive points of the meeting. He appreciated all the role players for their alluring contribution to take up any role without prior notice as it is an exceptional quality of toastmasters. Especially he appreciated TME DTM Rajsekhar for drooling over an excellent informative and impressive meeting by conveying the message of underlying impromptu speaking and how to handle in real life scenarios. GE had some suggestions for the improvement of the upcoming meetings as we need to focus and work on each and every areas of the online platforms.   All the meetings have to be taken seriously as it is the most important part of toastmaster’s journey. Speaker should adjust the camera to get a proper speaking position, stand and speak and always pin the timer to avoid time disqualifications. TM Shajahan recommended to add more educational sessions for the member’s improvement and also to make the meeting more enjoyable.

Finally, the ecstasy of the evening was declared closed by the President TM Namrata Pandey.

Meeting adjourned at sharp 9.30 P.m.

Congratulations to TME of the evening DTM Rajsekhar for the contribution of an Alluring meeting. Congratulations to All the Role Players!

No of attendees: 17

Next Meeting:     25.04.2021   

TM Namrata Pandey                              11th April 2021

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TM Nancy Roji                                        11th April 2021

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