Minutes of Regular Meeting No. 373 – “Love”

“Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love”

Meeting Date:        14th February 2021                                         Venue:   Virtual Zoom Meeting

Meeting No:           373                                                                 Meeting Time:  7.30 P.m.

Presiding Officer:  TM Namrata Pandey                                       Minutes Prepared by: TM Nancy Roji

Theme of the DayLOVE
TMOD:                TM Shruthi Shetty
Word of The DayAvidity (Meaning:the quality or state of being avid)
Total Number of IUTM Participants14 toastmasters with their family members

Meeting Responsibilities

Thought for the DayTM Rashesh
Greet MasterTM Preetha Narayanan
TimerTM Nancy Roji
Ah CounterTM Rashesh
GrammarianTM Deepti
Quiz MasterTM Murari Singh
Word MasterTM Yashasree
General EvaluationTM Shajahan
  • Committee Report: Love is the greatest power in existence. Its presence can be deeply felt wherever it resides. Love can overcome everything and can magnificently transform intricate situations to the better. The concept of love in itself is quite difficult to put into 4 letters. TME of the day TM Shruthi Shetty inspired the members to understand that Love which help us to articulate how deeply we feel about our significant other.TM Shruthi glided 3 73rd meeting beautifully by holding many fun activities with the denotation of Valentine’s Day. The Meeting was dynamically started with the call of SAA TM Preetha Narayanan and meeting declared as opened by Madam President TM Namrata Pandey at 7.35P.m. President addressed the members by portraying the importance of love and how it can make differences in our life. She had made an important announcement to submit the entries for IUTM magazine to VPPR TM Pratibha Tiwari at the earliest. The mighty words of wisdom ‘Thought for the Day’ was delivered by TM Rasesh wherein he conveyed the essence of love, which must be the promise of every toastmasters.  

Prepared Speeches were delivered by TM Namrata Pandey, TM Pratibha Tiwari and TM Mohammed Asif galvanized the audience with their impressive and informative words.

TM Namrata Pandey presented her L5P3 on ‘Presentation Mastery’. She depicted the benefits and elements of being loved, which will help us to succeed and stand up in our life. A healthy selfesteem starts with the learning to accept and love ourselves. It also means being accepted and loved by others. Her speech was evaluated by TM Yashasree.

TM Pratibha Tiwari gave her L4P1 Speech1 on her ongoing projects. She introduced her project ‘winter camp 2020’, the project planning and program details with respect to social distancing.

TM Pratibha Tiwari presented her second speech on L4P1 project on the continuation of her speech 1. Wherein she depicted the objective of her project as how the camp provided learning experience for the children. Both speeches were evaluated by TM Elroi.

TM Mohammed Asif gave his L4P1 project on the topic “Role of Social Media”. The core message of the speech was tagged with personal branding using social media platforms. The message conveyed as, how you see yourself and how others see you is your personal branding.   His speech was evaluated by TM Elroi.

Table Topics session was interestingly conducted by TM Deepak Soni. He energized the segment with his thought provoking questions and he kept all the speakers on their feet. TM Murari, TM Deepti, TM Shajahan and Guest Shabnam enthusiastically participated in the session.

The General Evaluation was done by TM Shajahan in detail. TM Shajahan appreciated all the role players and congratulated TME for her funfilled and elegant style of meeting as always.  He reminded us the protocols to be followed in the virtual sessions to enhance the quality of the meeting.

TME Struthi Shetty has taken all the toastmasters and their families to a Red Love Ride with interesting activities to mark the special day. Finally, the Love Journey arrived back to IUTM floor at 9.40 pm with a takeaway note: “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. That is love.  The meeting declared ‘closed’ by the President TM Namrata Pandey.

It has been a fun filled and totally energized meeting. See you all next week! 

Meeting adjourned at 9.50 P.m.

Best Speaker:                     TM Namrata Pandey

Best Evaluator:                   TM Elroi Vaz

Best Table Topic speaker: Guest Shabnam

TM Namrata, Tm Nancy, TM Pratibha and TM Preetha were awarded for the Best decoration on the special Day.

Congratulations to All the winners and Role Players!

No of attendees: 14

Next Meeting:    28.02.2021

TM Namrata Pandey                                    14th February 2021

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TM Nancy Roji                                             14th February 2021

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