Minutes of the Meeting No. 368 – “Thinking on your Feet”

 “ When you can connect with a live audience and you get that immediate response it’s just great.”

Meeting Date:       6th December 2020                Venue:   Virtual Zoom Meeting

Meeting No:          368                                             Meeting Time:  7.30 P.m.

Presiding Officer: TM Namrata Pandey                                      

Minutes Prepared by: TM Nancy Roji

President TM Namrata   +97150-5623869

      VP PR     TM Pratibha   +97150-8426354

Theme of the Day “Thinking on your Feet”
TMOD:                  TM Muhammad Asif
Total Number of IUTM Participants  17

Meeting Responsibilities

Timer TM Preetha

Committee Report: “Thinking on your Feet”-refers to Table topics, it is a long-standing Toastmasters tradition intended to help members develop their ability to organize their thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question.  Table Topic segment is a useful tool for leadership development when it is an integrated, ongoing part of leadership development from the beginning.  TME Mohammed Asif, steered the meeting number 368 in an informative and professional way. The Meeting embarked on dynamically by SAA TM Preetha Narayanan, and the meeting declared as opened by President TM Namrata Pandey at 7.35P.m. She addressed members by signalizing the April month Toastmasters’ magazine article on ‘7 seconds of terror’. She also added, how an impromptu speech plays important role in Toastmasters journey. She has made some announcement in the meeting of upcoming programs and activities. Minutes of the meeting read by TM preetha on behalf of TM Nancy Roji. TM Asif briefed the rules and regulation to be followed in the meeting. Prepared speech delivered by TM Namrata Pandey on ‘Presentation Mastery’ wherein she shared how she gained the positive learning experience from the team in her Toastmaster’s journey since she joined in IUTM. TM Ramakrishnan evaluated her speech.

EDUCATION SESSION & PRACTICE: Table Topics is, in itself, a crucial element of Toastmasters. It allows us to think on our feet and improve our improvisation skills. Honing this ability is important not only for becoming a better speaker but also to help improve our communication in general. An Education session was conducted by the very experienced senior toastmaster DTM Rajsekhar on ‘Thinking on your feet’.  The focus of the education session was to convey the techniques of table topics mastery while preparing for a contest. Wherein he explained the technics to be used such as Oreo, PPF etc. and also he has given some examples and Do’ & don’ts to be followed in a Table Topic segment.  A mock session on Table Topics has arranged after the Education session by DTM Rajsekhar. TM Elroi, TM Amir, TM Shameema and TM Namrata involved in the mock segment on the topic: “The Sooner or Later, those who win are those who think they can”

A panel discussion followed by mock Table topic contest arranged on the topic “What do you think the most important sensory organ in your body”. TM Pratibha, TM Ranjit, TM Abidul and TM Kumarappan participated in the mock contest.

A Table Topic contest arranged after the evaluation by TM Basheer on the mock contest. Table topic contestants were sent to the Break out rooms with TM Pratibha Tiwari as SAA of the room.  TM Sruthi, TM Elroi, TM Amir Ali, TM Ranjit and TM Deepak Sony were the contestants on the topic “What do  you think the most amazing things in the world”, wherein the speakersastonished the members and evaluators with their profound words on impromptu feet.

TM Abidul, TM Shajahan and TM Basheer have done the evaluation for the contest.

Surely the points suggested by the Evaluators will help the speakers can be implemented in their upcoming speeches. Madam President TM Namrata Pandey closed the meeting at 9.50 P.m.

No of attendees: 17

Next Meeting:     20.12. 2020

TM Namrata Pandey                               6th December 2020

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TM Nancy Roji                                         6th December 2020

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