Minutes of Regular Meeting No.359 – “Stars on Board”

“Each Star is a mirror reflecting the truth inside you.”

Meeting Date:        2nd August 2020                    Venue:   Virtual Zoom Meeting

Meeting No:           359                                           Meeting Time:  7.30 P.m.

Presiding Officer: TM Namrata Pandey         

 Minutes Prepared by: TM Nancy Roji

Theme of the Day STARS ON BOARD
TMOD:                 TM Pratibha Tiwari
Word of The Day Convivial (Meaning:friendly and making you feel happy and welcome)
Total Number of IUTM Participants 18
Total Number of Guests 2

Meeting Responsibilities

Thought for the Day TM Shruthi Shetty
Greet Master TM Shruthi Shetty
Timer TM Nancy Roji
Ah Counter TM Vivek
Grammarian TM Chunav
Quiz Master TM Kumarappan
Word Master TM Deepak Soni
General Evaluation DTM Raj Shekhar
Guests Speakers
DTM Shameema                          – Guest Address to the Home Club
DTM Roxienne Albertina             – Educational Session on Mentoring
Guests of the meeting
1. DTM Roxienne Albertina
2. Mr.  Elroy Vaz
  • Committee Report: An unforgettable journey through the galaxy…a mesmerizing sail across the communication clouds with IUTM companions…. Yes, TM Pratibha Tiwari steered the 359th cruise meeting beautifully with the STAR members boarded virtually on zoom. A meeting full of informative sparks, ignited curiosity and enticement. The meeting brought into being by an excitement of  tranquil landmarks of star members as the package labelled priorly with the new Division director DTM Shameema’s  address to the Home club and an informative Education session- Mentoring by the Star Guest DTM Roxienne Albertina.  

The Meeting declared as opened by President TM Namrata Pandey at 7.35P.M. The magisterial words of wisdom ‘The Thought for the Day’ delivered by TM Shruti wherein she explained the capturing of our goals by stating the Phrase of Norman Vincent Peale’s — ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you missyoull land among the stars.’ If we applied the quote literally to how our universe is, it would be, “if you don’t hit your goal, you may eventually go much farther past it and do something even greater”.

Prepared speeches were delivered by TM Murari and TM Abidul Islam galvanized the audience with their impressive words.

TM Murari delivered his L1P2 on ‘What someone will say?’ has provoked the listeners to elude the assumption of what others will react on our activities. He urged us to gain positive power to accomplish the task we have assigned without looking at ‘Someone’. Speech was evaluated by TM Ranjit.

TM Abidul Islam gave his L2P1 Speech on ‘The Leadership Introspection’ under the project ‘Understand your Leadership style’. The core content of the speech manifested that, you cannot be a great inspirational leader unless you are a great follower, His speech was evaluated by TM Anita.

Table Topic Master TM Shajahankept the speakers on their toes with variety of interesting topics. DTM Mohammed Asif, DTM Roxienne Albertina, Mr.  Elroy Vaz and TM Dipak Sony were chippedinto theTable Topics session actively.

The General Evaluation was done by DTM Raj Shekhar. He Mentioned the various aspects of online meetings. He appreciated the positive sides of the meeting and suggested some points to improve the smooth running of the virtual meetings. He also walked down to the memory lane and shared the fonder moments of the inception meetings of IUTM club.

Finally, the travelling across the star galaxy dispelled with lot of memories to store in our leadership journey with Toastmasters. The meeting declared ‘closed’ by the President TM Namrata Pandey.

Meeting adjourned at 9.35 P.m.

Best Speaker:                     TM Abidul Islam

Best Evaluator:                   TM Anita & TM Ranjit

Best Table Topic Speaker:  DTM Roxine Albertina

Star Quote Winner:           Mr.  Elroy Vaz (Guest)

Star Quote:  “Keep your eyes on the stars your feet on the ground”

Congratulations to All the winners and Role Players!

No of attendees: 20

Next Meeting: 16.08.2020

 TM Namrata Pandey                               2nd August 2020

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President                                                       Date

TM Nancy Roji                                         2nd August 2020

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