Minutes of the Meeting No. 414 – Freedom

Minutes of the 414th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

Freedom theme by TM Alok Mishra

Minutes by TM Elroy Vaz

The club membership convened on August 16th, 2022, with TM Shruthi Shetty as Presiding Officer.  presiding. Members present were Elroy- Secretary, Irfan– Sergeant at Arms.

In her Presidential address MTM Shruthi Shetty welcomed all the Toastmasters to the hybrid meeting and shared an incident of influential artist Pablo Picasso with the sheer determination, discipline and consistency which led him to Success and called members to be regular to the meeting and wisely avail the opportunities the Toastmasters Platform offers. She welcomed the dynamic and highly qualified TM Alok Mishra to steer the meeting

  • Toastmaster of the Day: TM Alok Mishra Theme of the day “Freedom” Being the week of the 75th Independence day of India, TM Alok very nationalistically brought out the meaning of Freedom its many dimensions and shades of meaning. In line with the Indian streets festooned with the tri color or tiranga, “Har Ghar TIranga” the room was beautifully filled with orange, white and green balloons.  
  • Table Topics master: TM Prasad Bartake gave members simple topics to speak on Freedom; where in TM Namrata, TM Shruthi and our guest Vaibhavi enthusiastically participated.
  • General Evaluator: TM Elroy praised role players, thanked Rajsekhar, DTM for the useful and practical education session on Evaluate to Motivate. He suggested that we add more buzz to our meetings by getting all members involved right from the end of today’s meeting. all the
  • Evaluators: Rajsekhar, DTM and Ashit Korgaonkar, DTM
  • Grammarian: TM Elroy affirmed TM Rakshita and MTM Namrata for the nice quotes used, the wonderful word Oxymoron introduced by TM Shruthi
  • Ah-Counter: TM Pankaj adroitly pointed the Uhhs and Aahs made by members present
  • Timer: TM Irfan Shaikh maintained the timing reports effectively. 
  • Book Review: TM Irfan did a review of the book “ Believe in yourself” by Joseph Murphy. He stated how imagination when used in a disciplined way can work wonders.
  1. Prepared speeches were presented:
  • TM Rakshita Rangari presented her Icebreaker. She explained her journey from Nagpur the seminary hills to Abu Dhabi. The struggles she encountered as a teenager when she had a fatal accident and the challenges, she took up in HR with a government body
  • MTM Namrata Pandey presented her experiences in organizing and Planning DTAC 2022. The highs and lows; skills picked up during the 5-month journey which commenced on 27th Dec 2021.

She explained in detail how Happiness, Opportunity, Progress and Excellence (HOPE) became the Theme of DTAC in the context of the pandemic in which it was been held and the challenges all were going through.   

  • Evaluation Session –  Rajsekhar, DTM praised Rakshita for the confidently delivered speech which hardly felt like an Ice breaker. He congratulated her for structuring her speech well and logically explaining her childhood, youth, early career, marriage and current situation. He encouraged her to use the stage better for more impact.
  • Ashit Korgaonkar, DTM evaluated the speech of TM Namrata Pandey. Her praised her for her humility and wonderful smile right through her presentation. He acknowledged the skillful manner in which she brought out all the Behind-the-Scenes work that was done for DTAC 2022. Encouraged her to use more of the stage
  • Table Topics® questions were presented by TM Prasad Bartake virtually
  • TM Namrata Pandey answered the question, “What comes to mind with the word Freedom? She explained how Freedom can be brought about without hurting others and within boundaries
  • TM Shruthi Shetty answered the question “How free can we be?” she stated how she was just dying to be free from online meetings and went on to explain further.
  • Guest Vaibhavi was asked to explain Freedom in her own words. She brought about different contexts of freedom as experienced by different countries.
  • Education session was presented by Rajsekhar, DTM
  • Rajsekhar, DTM explained very simply how to boost the speaker’s self-esteem and bring out the best in the speaker. He invited questions from the audience. Answered very lucidly how evaluation is always to be positive no matter how bad the speech was and to always look out for the silver linings.
  • Reports from members with meeting roles were provided:
  • Timer: TM Irfan brought out the timing discrepancies of members who overshot the time
  • Ah-counter: TM Pankaj commented on the inappropriate use of Umss and Aahs made by members
  • Grammarian: TM Elroy praised members for good usage of language
  • General Evaluator: TM Elroy congratulated TM Rakshita and TM Namrata for their speeches and gave them some suggestions to adopt in their future speeches. He suggested that more buzz be infused into the meetings. Each Ex Com-member take initiative to ensure at least 3 members for the next meeting. He affirmed TM Alok for smoothly steering the meeting and the nice themes he brought about on Freedom; From living life free from the burden of the past to cultivating Freedom as a state of mind.
  • Club awards were presented:
  • Best Evaluator:  Rajsekhar, DTM and Ashit Korgaonkar, DTM
  • Best Table Topics: TM Namrata Pandey
  • Best Speaker: TM Rakshita Rangari
  • Reports from club officers and committees were provided:
  • TM Shruthi urged members to get ready for the upcoming Debates, Newsletters and requested all present to bring more members for face-to-face meetings

Meeting adjourned at 9.40pm followed by Dinner

Shruthi Shetty                                            16th August 2022

President                                                         Date

Elroy Vaz                                                     16th August 2022

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