Meeting No 351-Media Distancing

Minutes of the 351th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

‘Media Distancing’ theme by TM Ramakrishan

Minutes by TM Pratibha Tiwari

April 12th, 2020

It was third online meeting of IUTM which was flawlessly steered by cheerful TM Ramakrishnan. ‘Peppy’ was the word of the day,  introduced by TM Preetha. The meeting was declared open by President TM Abidul Islam at 7:35 PM. He welcomed all on virtual platform where he appreciated individuals for their efforts  to explore innovative ideas. The thought of the day ‘Intelligent use of media’, was given by TM Dipti where she explained distancing from media is important for mental health.

Prepared speeches were delivered by TM Alok Mishra, TM Shiva Krishna &  TM Pratibha.

TM Alok Mishra gave his L1-P1 Speech on ‘Stop, See and Go‘. He spoke about how to face situation and move ahead in life. His speech was evaluated by TM Yashashree.

TM Siva Krishna gave his L1-P2 Speech on ‘Mantra to Move On’. He explained how to go forward in tough times. His speech was evaluated by TM Ranjith.

TM Pratibha Tiwari gave her L3-P1 Speech on ‘Let’s Gift Emotions’. She told about priceless values of emotional gifts . she also spoke about how handicrafts can be a gift of emotions. Her speech was evaluated by TM Shahjahan.

TM Senthil Kumar gave his HPL project on ‘Leadership’.

During the meeting TME conducted Debate session on ‘Media is required or not’. TM Dipak Soni, TM Rajan Tawde,TM Preetha, TM Chunav, TM Chandrashekhar and TM Rasesh participated.

Table Topic Master TM Nancy Roji came up with creative topics. TM Murari, TM Anish, TM Dipak Soni and TM Namrata participated.

Explicit and  detailed general evaluation was done by TM Rajshekar. He appreciated all role players and speakers for their high performance and smooth use of technology. He suggested that Area Director’s speech should be kept at the end.

Mentimeter App was introduced for vote casting. First time backgrounds were used in zoom application. Timing Device was impletemnted by using ‘red’, ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ backgrounds. IUTM members sinked their teeth into technology to explore new ideas. Three Cheers to all.

Area Director TM Senthil Kumar appreciated  President and Excom members for smooth functioning of online meetings.

The meeting was declared closed by the President at 09:54 pm. He made an announcement for upcoming area contest on 1st May 2020. He informed about the reduction in fee and told that AED 250  has to be paid. He urged all to pay it.

Best Speaker: TM Pratibha

Best Evaluator: TM Shahjahan

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Namrata

No of attendees: 23 (including guests)

Next Meeting: 26.04.2020

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.