Meeting No. 342 – Filmy Fever

342 – Filmy Fever

Minutes of the 342nd meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club

‘Filmy Fever” theme by Pratibha Tiwari

Minutes by TM Minal

December 8th, 2019

It was a unique and lively meeting which was creatively steered by TME Pratibha Tiwari.

  • Astute: was the word of the day by TM Siva Krishna, which was used astutely by all TMs. Meeting was declared open by Acting President TM Namrata Pandey at 7:40 PM.
  • Thought of the day was given by TM Shahjahan, who explained about importance of positive things on a backdrop of negative incidences. The role of villains emphasizes the character of the hero in films.

TME shared some personal favorite movies and also requested every role player to share their favorite character of films and talk about their filmy fever.

Prepared speeches were delivered by:

TM Murari Singh, TM Jayakrishnan, TM Mohammad Aslam, TM Shruthi Shetty.

  • TM Murari Singh gave his Pathways Icebreaker Speech. His speech title was – Ordinary Idea, Extra Ordinary Outcome. He spoke about his life journey which started from a small village in Jharkhand and his big dreams. His speech was evaluated by TM Shruthi.
  • TM Jayakrishnan delivered his Project -9. His speech title was: Driving Lessons.

His speech was about the importance of defensive driving in day to day life. The focus was on making allowance for mistakes of other drivers. Defensive driving techniques to be deployed against distracted drivers, aggressive drivers were discussed. Some tips to maintain own vehicle was also discussed. His speech was evaluated by TM Minal Joshi.

  • TM Mohammad Asif gave his L1-P3 Speech titled Success factors for a Public Speaking career . He shared valuable inputs through his speech as Key success factors are having a clear purpose, personal brand, in-depth knowledge, be your self, establish niche market etc. His speech was evaluated by TM Shahjahan.
  • TM Shruthi presented Educational Session from Successful Club series “Evaluate to Motivate”. She spoke in Toastmasters why we need Evaluation, necessary of Evaluation and how to effectively evaluate the prepared speech and also to motivate the Speaker for their next Projects. Her project was written evaluated by TM Rajshekar

TM Pratibha kept all the members engaged by adding games like dumb charades during the meeting.

Table Topic Master TM Namrata Pandey came up with very interesting topics for table topic session. She also encouraged the guest of the meeting to participate. All table topic speakers – TM Rajshekar, TM Siva Krishna, TM Shahjahan gave their best attempts to talk impromptu on the given topics and also showed their acting skills as required by the topic.

The general evaluation was done by TM Rajshekar. He applauded all role players and TME’s role of the evening as many of them performed multiple roles due to less attendance. He also shared few tips of effective evaluation delivery.

The meeting was declared closed by the Acting President at 9:50 pm and winners were awarded.

Dinner was served.

Winners of the Meeting :

  • Best Speaker: TM Mohammad Aslam
  • Best Evaluator: TM Shahjahan
  • Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Rajshekar

No of attendees:12

Next Meeting: 22 Dec 2019.

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.