Let’s Reuse

Our mother Earth is fantastically created with mountains, valleys, oceans,  islands,  deserts along with living beings. Humans with his ability to think and handle tools has also created many things for his comfort. He has used all the available resources lavishly such that the whole ecosystem is suffering. we all are in chain if one gets affected it affects everyone.
It is said that Earth can satisfy our needs but not our greed. With the increase use of fossil fuels, cutting trees Earth is showing the signs like global warming which has resulted in ice melt at the poles, rise in sea levels.
Recently  in the city of Delhi where pollution has crossed the permissible range that you can hardly breathe.
It is high time to think about our nature and create awareness. When it comes to pollution first things comes to mind is to save trees which purifies air, controls  soil erosion and also home for many birds, animals. Instead of cutting trees shall we take responsibility to reuse the existing things?
Recently my son Arjun had a project in School where they were suppose  to bring their favorite things along with their memorable pictures to share with the class. It was surprising to know that they asked shoe boxes to decorate and keep their things in it. My husband Rajesh planned the design and Arjun painted it soon it turned
out to be a masterpiece.  Arjun was so excited to put his favorite cars, dinosaurs, blocks and all his snaps. On the presentation day in the campus i saw the students of KG 1 on their way to class with their beautiful creations, i could make out they were so proud.
This made me think its brilliant if we reuse what we already have. How many things we neglect in our day to day life and allow it to waste.
1. Plastic water bottles and bags: We can carry our own steel, glass or even copper bottles with us which is healthy as well and so Paper and Reusable bags for shopping,  grocery.
2. Tissue papers: When we generously use the tissue papers lets just think of number of trees being cut to make it.
3. Electronics: Recently we were looking for a company which can collect our old electronics then i came across Enviroserve Dubai based company so we happily gave away our old TV, vacuum cleaners etc to reuse.

These are really a small thought like a single drop in Ocean but Ocean itself is made out of these tiny droplets. As proverb says “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”

Lets Treat our mother Earth well so that everyone can live happily in our wonder land ..