331-Goal Setting

Minutes of the 331th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Goal Setting theme by TM Mohammed Asif
Minutes by TM Pretha Narayan
July 7th 2019

The first meeting of the year 2019-2020,wonderfully steered by ebullient TM Mohammed Asif. It was opened by Acting President TM Abidul Islam with a scroll depicting the mission of the Toastmaster club at 7:35 pm.

Meeting began with TM Nancy’s call to order. President Abidul Islam  introduced TME Mohamed Asif. He introduced the role players followed by the presentation of the Thought of the evening by TM Preetha Narayanan. “Goals give us a purpose in our life” Setting goals can turn our dreams into reality. So we should make our actions focused rather than dreaming about the future.

Word ‘Adroit’ was introduced by Word Master TM Shyamlal.

The Induction of the new members TM Murtaza Kapadia and TM Mohammed Aslam with Oath taking ceremony competently conducted by TM Shajahan and President TM Abidul Islam. It was a new beginning in the history of the IUTM.

TM Yashashree gave her Pathways Ice breaker. TM Yashashree has delivered an adroit speech about her journey from bubbly child to a successful professional who embrace and enjoy life with patience. Her speech was evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.

TM Mohammad Aslam gave his level 1 Project 1 on Fitness. He was able to throw light to the importance of Karate, how it helps to maintain mental and physical fitness. His speech was evaluated by TM Kumarappan.

TM Jayakrishnan has done his Project 6, a fabulous speech with vocal variety, life experience, relativity, and dramatization. It created awareness about the techniques of marketing. TM Dipak Soni evaluated the speech.

TM Shameema Ahmad presented the Advanced Speech 20 on Food wastage fascinating manner. She reminded everyone the importance of avoiding food wastage, should take an urge to preserve it and make it a helping hand for the needy ones. Her captivating speech was evaluated by TM Shajahan using a suitable assessment formula.

Flamboyant TM Shruthi came up with apropos table topics. TM Rajan Tawade got the topic to speak about his goal for that day. TM Darwish had to speak about his goal for the next month,TM Aslam spoke about his goal for his life. Table topic master and the participants elevated the session to a high esteem.

The role players TM Namrata as a Grammarian and TM Murtaza Kapadia as a quiz master tested the perceptions of the audience and TM Harsha helped to crisscross the time management.

The general evaluation was done by TM Ranjith Nair. He appreciated the New EXCOM committee for doing the first chapter of the new journey in a progressive manner. He concluded the evaluation by admiring TM Mohammed Asif for conducting a flawless meeting with passion and commitment. TM Namrata appreciated TM Shameema for her achievement and team of IUTM gave a standing ovation to her.

Presidential speech by TM Abidul Islam pointed out the strengths and frailties of conducting a meeting in the absence of a permanent venue. He extended the happiness to see the progress in the strength of the participants, commitment of the whole team. He wished to have the same enthusiasm, quality, creativity and punctuality to be maintained throughout the year.

The meeting was declared closed by Acting President TM Abidul Islam. We celebrated our stalwart TM Syamlal birthday  then dinner was served at 9:45 pm.

Best Speaker : TM Jayakrishnan
Best Evaluator : TM Abidul Islam
Best Table Topic: TM Rajan Twade
No. of attendees: 23
Date : 7.7.2019
Next Meeting : 21.7.2019

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.

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