327-Team Work

Minutes of the 327th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Team Work theme by TM Harsha Wagh
Minutes by TM Shruthi Shetty
May 12th 2019

The theme Team Work meeting was indeed applied to the 327th meeting as with the change in Venue all the members had to work together for the meeting to happen at Infinity Studio. We witnessed 2 icebreakers, 1 pathway speech and from 1 advanced  manual. TM Minal conducted innovative Table topic where whole team had a blast. Meeting started at 8:30 pm after dinner.

Sergeant at Arms TM Syamlal welcomed everyone, set the ground rules of the Toastmasters meeting and called Acting President TM Abidul Islam.

TM Abidul Islam opened the meeting recalled for the first time the venue has changed in 10 years from Foodland Restuarant.

TME TM Harsha with the theme Team Work explained about Team work its importance and called upon role players to introduce their roles.

Role Players Greet Master TM Preethi, Timer TM Alok Mishra , Ah Counter Mohamed Aslam, Grammarian TM RamaKrishnan, Quiz Master TM Abidul Islam.

Word Master TM Anita introduced the word Plethora which means excessive.

TM RamKrishnan gave Thought of the evening on FIRE Financial Independent Retirement Early with adequate savings, quite luxury, spend more time with parents, enjoy hobby basically differentiate  necessity with luxury.

TM Ranjit Nair begun his Pathway journey with Icebreaker, He shared his reason to join Toastmasters, about his family, place, same organization for 20 years in UAE and his passion for photography, bird watching, evaluated by TM Rajan Twade.

TM Tariq Mustaq also embarked his Pathways spoke about his work as a NLP certified coach, hypnotherapist. He narrated his story where he had the opportunity to help other and requested Toastmasters to do so, evaluated by TM Kumarappan.

TM MD. Asif in Pathway L3-P2 “What are you grateful for Today?” Inspired us to be grateful as if you want to be happy count your blessings. He created an assessment session as the toastmasters has to list 2 different things, things they are grateful for and also not. He emphasized on the more gratitude list and how they can improve the same, evaluated by TM Shruthi Shetty.

TM Rajshekar Advanced Project -31(the Briefing) had an interactive session about Mawaqif system in Abu Dhabi. He explained about how the parking was before Mawaqif, the reason to introduce, how the parking system has improved afterwards followed by Q&A session, evaluated by TM Yashashree.

Table Topic Master TM Minal Joshi conducted an innovative TABLE Topic session where she distributed chits with a word to all Toastmaster later the speaker has to pick 3 toastmaster using 3 words from them they need to form speech. TM Abidul, TM Shruthi, TM Rajshekar, TM Ranjit took part.

General Evaluator TM Namrata acknowledged that everyone was on time in spite of change in Venue and asked TME to divide the content of the theme instead of explaining in one go.

Acting President appreciated TM Harsha for taking the TME role at the high time and conducting lucidly. He applauded for the team as the meeting was challenging because of the change of Venue and closed the meeting.

Best Speaker : TM Mohamed Asif
Best Evaluator : TM Yashashree
Best Table Topic: TM Ranjit Nair
No. of attendees: 19

Date : 12.5.2019
Next Meeting : 26.5.2019

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.