324-Life is to Live

Minutes of the 324th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Life is to live theme by TM Ramakrishnan
Minutes by TM Pratibha Tiwari
March 31st, 2019

Indeed, it was an astounding meeting full of twist and turns which broke the protocol in an innovative way.  TM Ramakrishanan appeared in TME role in a surprising way through the lucky  draw. Innovation and surprise were on before the meeting itself. It was the first meeting where TME was not disclosed in advance. The meeting was declared open by Acting President TM Abidul Islam. Afterward, TME selection was done through lucky draw . This draw lead  in  favor of TM Ramakrishnan.

All role players introduced themselves in a different manner without reading the script.

The thought of the day ‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist’ was given by TM Shameema by relating and sharing closely with her life experience.

TME started the meeting with a big bang “Let’s break the protocol” and talked about smart Gmail, human feelings and many other stories. ’Jocular’ word was introduced by word master TM Tariq.

In order to break the protocol, table topic was done first. Table Topic Master TM Pratibha Tiwari brought the topics in tune of coming April fool day. TM Deepak, TM Mahanshu, TM Asif, Guest Sufian and Nancy participated.

Topics were:

  1. Appreciate yourself by using line ‘I am April fool’ , 3 times in your speech.
  2. Talk about ‘JIRS’ (Which is a weird word and not heard before)
  3. Why April fool day comes in the month of April?
  4. Who is a bigger fool than you and why?
  5. Prove that you can make anyone ‘fool’.

Afterward, prepared speeches were delivered and once again  a break in protocol, evaluation of speeches were done immediately after the delivery of the respective speech.

TM Namrata gave her L1-P2 Speech. She spoke about the Importance, understanding, love and knowledge of ‘Money’. She emphasized financial literacy is very important for each and everyone to have  proper and  wise utilization  of money. Her topical speech was evaluated by TM Abidul Islam. He appreciated topic relevancy and  usage of English vocabulary along with simple and understanding sentences. He suggested more usage of stage and probes utilization.

TM Deepak Soni gave his L1-P3 Speech. He spoke about the digital uses of credit & debit cards and  How mobile can be used more easily for ‘Digital Money’ transactions. His speech was evaluated by TM Syamlal. He appreciated his confidence at the starting and smart attitude. He suggested more voice modulation and eye contact.

TM Anita delivered her L2-P1 speech on ‘Leadership’. She told ‘leaders are born’ and everyone has the qualities to become a leader. A Leader needs a courage that matches with a lion. Her speech was evaluated by TM Shameema. She mentioned that her speech was well researched and motivational for life. She put  suggestion of stage usages in a controlled way.

TM Basheer spoke on ‘Moments of Truth – Successful Club Series’. He presented ppt which covered some areas (First Impression, Membership Orientation, Fellowship Orientation and Communication, Program planning and meeting organization, Membership strength, Achievement Recognition) where evaluation should be done for the healthy development of the club.

The General evaluation was done by TM Asif. He welcomed and appreciated the innovation done by TME Ramakrishnan by breaking and changing the protocol. He told a change in pattern brings improvement in public speaking.

TME’s brain teaser exercise was quite witty which made all Toastmasters scratching their head.

Although the meeting was overshooting the time still all Toastmasters were lost in fun and enjoyment . Finally, the meeting was declared closed by the Acting President and dinner was served at 10 pm.


Best Speaker: TM Anita

Best Evaluator: TM Abidul Islam

Best Table Topic Speaker: Sufian (guest)

No of attendees: 17(including 3 Guests)

Next Meeting: 14.04.2019


Congratulations to winners and all the role players.