323 – Empower

Minutes of the 323th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
EMPOWER theme by TM Harsha Wagh
Minutes by TM Pratibha, TM Shruthi
March 17th 2019

Meeting Empower was dedicated to women as we celebrated post Women’s day where the Madam Toastmasters played all the roles. TME Harsha conducted guess game to identify name of the Toastmasters by their qualities, 3 unique speeches and educational session by TM Abidul Islam.

Sergeant At Arms TM Shruthi greeted the audience, read the mission and vision of Toastmasters and welcomed President TM Senthil Kumar.

President TM Senthil Kumar opened the meeting informed about the upcoming division level contest and called upon TM Harsha to lead the meeting.

TME TM Harsha spoke on Women’s empowerment is the process in which women elaborate and recreate the same situation and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied. In 1975, the United Nations—which had named the year International Women’s Year—celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th for the first time.

Thought of the evening by TM Minal Joshi she described Women are already strong enough. They just need to be themselves. By being natural, original. They do wonders and share magical things in this world.

Role Players Timer TM Anita, Ah Counter and Quiz Master TM Shruthi, Word Master TM Pratibha, Grammarian TM Shameema.

Word Master TM Pratibha introduced the phrase “On the Ball” meaning Alert, Attentive.

TM Pratibha Tiwari delivered her L1-p4 speech on the topic ‘Strategies’. She spoke about what are the strategies and how by changing the strategies we can bring more happiness and success in our life. She told about the 3 steps of NLP to change a strategy. Her speech was evaluated by TM Snehal, she mentioned that speech was informative and well researched and put the suggestion of more stage utilization and voice modulation.

TM Minal in her Project 8 ‘Adventurous in Life’ took us to future through interactive video where she was in her old self having live chat with her grandson. She explained her adventurous life demonstrated about Snorkling and River Rafting , evaluated by TM Snehal

TM RamaKrishnan gave P1-L2_P2 ‘True Leader’ spoke on Bussiness methods he introduced 5 methods using same situation as example, evaluated by TM Ranjit

Table topic master, TM Harsha came up with the idea of the topics which were spoken by TM Rajshekar, TM Senthil Kumar, TM Imtiyaz, TM Ramkrishanan and Guest Devesh.

Topics were:

  1. What was your craziest argument with your wife?
  2. Which woman has inspired you most and why?
  3. What is the best quality will you ask your daughter to become a strong woman.
  4. Compare three generations and tell us which one you like most.
  5. Imagine you are tiredly back from office and your wife serve a dish which you dislike, what will be your reaction.

General evaluator TM Namrata appreciated TM Harsha for doing justice for both the roles as TME and as Table Topic Master. She appreciated all Toastmasters for frequently using the phrase of the day ‘on the ball’. She mentioned that Telly Master should be assigned on agenda and recommended for regular checking of the projector.

President TM Senthil Kumar ends up the meeting with his speech. He appreciated the power of women. He asked for suggestions to improve attendance. Few suggestions were given by TMs to do change in time. The meeting was closed at 9:20 pm followed by dinner.

Best Speaker: TM Ramkrishnan

Best Evaluator:TM Snehal

Best Table Topic: TM Ramkrishnan

No of attendees: 13

Date: 17.03.2019

Next Meeting: 31.03.2019

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.