Name: TM Prashant Dembla
Club Officer Title: SECRETARY

Minutes of INNER UNIVERSE TOASTMASTERS Meeting no: 312

The 312th IUTM meeting was convened on 14TH OCT 2018 Sunday with Toastmaster of the Evening – TM Shruthi Shetty , presiding over the meeting
The TME- Shruthi Shetty introduced the theme of the day: “MELODY ”

 Life is like a Melody and we should incorporate the use of Melody in our daily lives.
 Every TM was supposed to sing his favourite song before introducing his role.

Thought for the day was given by TM Prashant -“He who sings frightens away his ills”
He mentioned that usefulness of Singing in daily life .

Word of the day was given by TM Prachi“EFFULGENT” meaning – Radiant, Brilliant, Shining brightly.

Example: He was so large and effulgent that one hardly missed the sun.

Role Players were introduced by TME

1. Prepared speeches were presented:-

TM Harsha – “Right Hotel for Vacation ”
 She used a power point presentation and gave very important tips to choose the right hotel for vacation as we should consider all the aspects while selecting a Hotel e.g.:- Type of Destination, luxurious rooms, hospitality , price , amenities , food , pick up and drop facility etc.

 He explained the importance of retirement housing as there are different housing requirements when we reach the age of 60 and above. The house should have all facilities like security, cooking, hospitalization, serene environment and assisted living.

 She gave examples and explained that superstitious beliefs do not have scientific evidential facts or figures still we don’t question the rationality behind the superstitions. Hence we should not follow them blindly.

TM Mohammed Basheer – “Advanced Project 26”
 He gave a live example by using a MIC and a table of a program called – “Straight Talk” on T.V. where he spoke about the Evolution of Land Transport in Dubai. He spoke about Autonomous cabs i.e. Driverless Taxis which will be introduced very soon. He discussed regarding the safety and technical issues which may occur.

2. Evaluations were presented:-

TM Aloris evaluated the speech by TM Harsha
EVALUATION:- She started by asking a question and involved the audience .She explained with examples. She was very confident even if her Laptop didn’t start in the beginning .She could have moved a little between the rows .She could have shown more excitement in her speech .

TM Prachi evaluated the speech by TM Asif
EVALUATION:- He started by asking a question and grabbed audience attention. He explained how we can live life in our own terms .TM Asif distributed pamphlets to Toastmasters but didn’t explain the contents mentioned in the pamphlet. His vocal variety was good .He could have incorporated more gestures and concluded effectively.

TM Ramakrishnan evaluated the speech by TM Anita
EVALUATION:- TM Anita explained the origin of superstitions .E.g.:- Origin of superstitions related to No: 13 and No:17 , she wanted to give something new .She used the stage well .Vocal variety and eye contact was very good . She can throw a question and can use a smile and pauses to be more effective.

TM Namrata evaluated the speech by TM Mohammad Basheer
EVALUATION:- The topic is very hotly debated and interesting , it immediately caught attention. He delivered in a very calm and collected manner. It was well researched. He gave precise and correct information as time was only 3 min. Choice of words was good and well delivered. He could have smiled and could have done voice modulation since he was playing as a T.V. presenter.

TABLE TOPICS : TABLE TOPICS SESSION was conducted by TM Alok Mishra with very interesting topics.

3. Reports from different role players were presented :-

4. General Evaluator: TM Ranjit Nair gave the following SUGGESTIONS :-
(1) Meeting should start on time.
(2) The objectives of the projects were not clarified properly.
(3) MIC was not used by speakers.
(4) During evaluation , table topics and reports clarity was missing due to non-usage of MIC .
(5) Theme was very interesting and well presented

5. Club awards were presented:
 Best Evaluator: TM Ramakrishnan.
 Best Speaker: TM Anita.
 Best Table Topics: TM Mohammad Asif

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm