311-Say Something

Name: TM Prashant Dembla
Club Officer Title: SECRETARY

Minutes of INNER UNIVERSE TOASTMASTERS Meeting no: 311

The 311th IUTM meeting was convened on 30th SEPT 2018, Sunday with Toastmaster of the Evening – Mohammed Basheer, presiding over the meeting.

The TME- Mohammed Basheer introduced the theme of the day: “SAY SOMETHING ”

 Before saying something we should think first in our minds to avoid any mistakes or blunders.
 There are 3 ways to say something – (1) Physically (2) By Voice (3) Silently
 Every TM was supposed to say something instead of applause ( clapping )

Thought for the day was given by TM Aloris -“ Go with the flow and you will reach the sea ”

Word of the day was given by TM Sudhir – “SIMPLE”- something very straight forward.

Eg: The presentation was simple and effective.

Role Players were introduced by TME

1. Prepared speeches were presented:-

TM Prachi – “ My First Flight Journey ”
 She explained about her interesting Official First Flight Journey with her Boss when she joined TATA Engineering Co: which was a nice and entertaining experience.

TM Syamlal – “Power of Smile ”
 He gave very interesting facts about SMILE and how is important for good health. It’s one of the important traits of successful people. It boosts the immune system, increases WBC’s and makes a person more approachable.

TM Seema Mittal –“All about Games ”
 She explained the importance of games and how they make us stress free and playing games is a good activity for mind and body. We should devotr some time to our kids and family by playing indoor games like – Board Games , MONOPOLY , BUSINESS and CARDS.

TM Alok – Project 10 –“ SOCIAL MEDIA”
 He explained the importance and effects of Social Media in our lives by stating a story from his childhood. He explained how people fight on social media platforms like Whats App. Facebook,Twitter and lose long term relationships . These can be avoided if we act sensibly on social media .

TM Namrata – Advanced project 4 –“ Fact finding report on Pathways “
 She explained how Toastmasters was started in 1924 in a basement in California to improve Public speaking and Leadership qualities .She explained the structure of Toastmasters, that it had 2 paths and 40 sessions to complete before becoming a DTM .In 2016 – Pathways was launched , she explained about various levels in PATHWAYS and in 2019 the earlier program will be over .

2. Evaluations were presented:-

TM Ramakrishnan evaluated the speech by TM Prachi
EVALUATION:- Opening was very good , her vocal variety was very good . She explained her experience like a Simulation ride in an aeroplane. She took audience back in a flash back. She has good volume and high pitch in her voice which engaged the audience. Her speed was appropriate, neither too fast or too slow. She could have used low
pitch also.She should correct her accent to a Universal accent as she has a regional touch in her accent.

TM Shruthi evaluated the speech by TM Syamlal
EVALUATION:- TM Syamlal grabbed the attention of audience when he started with example of Mona Lisa. He explained many reasons to smile .His voice was clear. He had good eye contact. He covered the stage well. But smile was missing on his face. He could have given a story with a message .Conclusion was abrupt and he could have asked everyone to SMILE .

TM Deepak Soni evaluated the speech by TM Seema
EVALUATION:- The topic was relevant was very relevant with the scenario in present times . The speech gives us a message to maintain our physical fitness by playing outdoor games. Playing indoor games brings family together as nowadays every family member is busy in his own gadget. Speech structure was good. Eye contact was missing as She was mostly looking down.

TM Rajan evaluated the speech by TM Alok
EVALUATION:- TM Alok achieved a milestone by completing 10 Projects. The speech objective was to inspire audience. Topic was very interesting and the opening was also effective. The BODY of the speech included all the details . The speech concluded with a suggestion that people should think while using social media. TM Alok could have started by asking a question to the audience. He could have used different parts of the stage.

TM Aloris evaluated the speech by TM Namrata
EVALUATION:- All the audience were involved in the history of Toastmasters . The speech was started in a simple manner and then entered the main subject .The language, pause and eye contact was good. She could have used a SMARTBOARD to explain better. Questions could have been asked in the beginning. She could have compared Toastmasters with Pathways.

TABLE TOPICS : TABLE TOPICS SESSION was conducted by TM Prashant with very interesting topics.

3. Reports from different role players were presented :-

4. General Evaluator: TM Mohammed Asif gave the following SUGGESTIONS :-
(1) The meeting was well organized, theme was very different and presentations were good.
(2) Breaking pattern is very important.
(3) Every toastmaster gave words instead of applause which was a different move.
(4) Grammarian gave suggestions without taking names which was fantastic.
(5) Table topics were very interactive and encouraging.

5. Club awards were presented:
Best Evaluator : TM Deepak Soni
Best Speaker: TM Prachi
Best Table Topics: TM Shruthi

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm