310- What’s in it for me

Name: TM Prashant Dembla
Club Officer Title: SECRETARY


“What’s In It For Me” by TM Mohamed Asif

16/09/2018 – Sunday

The 306th IUTM meeting was convened on 16th SEPT 2018, Sunday with Toastmaster of the Evening – TM Mohammed Asif, presiding over the meeting.

The TME- Mohammad Asif introduced the theme of the day: “WIIFM – What’s in it for me ”

 Our goal for joining Toastmasters should be well defined as to what we want to achieve.
 We should also make sure that the audience enjoys the session when they ask – What’s in it for me?
 Every TM was supposed to explain why he joined Toastmasters before he introduced himself .

Thought for the day was given by TM Syamlal -“How can we correct our mistakes”

Word of the day was given by TM Jayakrishnan – “Tenacious (adj) – determined ,tending to keep a firm hold of something , not easily dispelled.Eg: They both maintained a tenacious grip on the receiver and attempted to snatch it 

Role Players were introduced by TME

1. Prepared speeches were presented:-

TM Ramakrishnan – “ Depression”

 TM Ramakrishnan explained what is Depression and how it causes so many deaths and how we can overcome the effects of Depression.

TM Seema Mittal- “Ice Breaker”

 TM Seema gave the Ice Breaker speech about herself, about her family and educational background and how toastmasters improved her overall personality.

TM Rajan Tawade – “ICE BREAKER”

 TM Rajan gave his Ice Breaker and told about his family and how he grew up amongst his sisters .He told about his life achievements and he even wrote a book.

TM Basheer – Advanced Project

 TM Basheer gave a speech about an award to the toastmaster who has been his mentor and has served many positions in Toastmasters like President, VP Education, VP Membership who is none other than TM Shahjahan .

TM Anita Kangat – Title “ Believe it or not ”
She told about various superstitions that people follow in all parts of the world which have also become a

      1. 2. Evaluations were presented:-
        TM Prashant evaluated the speech by TM RamakrishnanEVALUATION:- Opening was very good , he has shown more confidence , he threw a question in the crowd , which
        was great, subject clarity was very good .He can do voice modulation , can add more energy to his speech , SMILE
        makes a lot of difference in presentation , GESTURES should be added , should give more STRESS on the words
        when he throws a question in crowd. TM Jayakrishnan evaluated the speech by TM Seema Mittal. TM Seema was very confident and can use more pauses , expressions and more stage area. TM Mohammad Aslam evaluated the speech from TM Rajan Tawade  Speech was well structured , voice was clear and loud , speech had humor and anxiety , he included his life experiences and compared his family members with various prestigious positions in the country . He could have added pauses , so the audience could digest the content. TM Shahjahan evaluated the speech from TM Mohammed Basheer . TM Basheer made sure to fulfil the objectives of the advanced speech and presented a good “Thanks giving” speech in 2.5 minutes . He carried a piece of paper so he wouldn’t leave out any facts and important voice. He can add more energy and expressions in his speech.

        TABLE TOPICS : TM Aloris gave a brief speech on how and why TABLE TOPICS are conducted which was very informative .

        TM Shameema-(Area Director) and TM ALTAF came to attend the meeting and added a few valuable words.

        3. Reports from different role players were presented :-

        4. General Evaluator: TM Shruthi gave the following SUGGESTIONS :-
        (1) The meeting was well organized, theme was very different and presentations were good.
        (2) Meeting started little late which should be taken care of.
        (3) The sessions were very interactive.
        (4) No Table topic speakers were called due to time constraint.
        (5) Over all it was a well conducted meeting.

        5. Club awards were presented:
        Best Evaluator : TM Mohammed Aslam
        Best Speaker: TM Rajan Tawade


        IUTM EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2018-19 was present

        Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm